A Day of Food Adventure

Okay, today I feel a lot better.  I didn’t approach CC just because she has offended me yesterday.  She was very direct and I shall be better in listening to criticism.

Lunch time, Balquais suggested going to one of the oldest Japanese restaurant in Jakarta.  Getting there was really tough as the driver didn’t know where was the place we were referring to.  I still remember it was Chikini IV.

The food was quite cheap.  And because I was so warm and friendly, the waitresses all laughed at me.  They are nice people.  Then we went to AC Jakarta.  Quite an impressive office (very new).

At night?  Well, had a Chinese meal (very cheap beer, so far) and had a (terrible) dessert at Fashion Café.  They claimed that one will be open in Singapore next year.  We shall see.  The food is quite bad tough.

Went to gym again and accompany Balquais back to BUN and get her organiser (tomorrow needs to get up and go Bali).  She was so happy when I said there is no problem at all.

Touring Around Jakarta

Sunday in Jakarta.  Called up Robert and he was working in the room.  Called up Balquais but (CC told me) she would not be in until 12 pm.  Called up CC but she was still sleeping (10:30 am).  So I told CC to go back to sleep.

Starring out of the window, lying on my bed reading “Men from you-know-where and so on”.  Really boring!  Have the feeling that I have revisited the Paris days.

Wanted to go to Pasa Baru (something like that) to get my guitar but the place looks quite horrible.  Ended up lunching at one of the ‘good’ local hawker center.  CC and Robert both hate the place and complain a lot.  But I appreciate the culture itself.  I do pity Balquais who took the trouble in taking us around.

The culture is that before we even eat down, they will lay all the dishes onto the table.  Simple rule is that for those food we never touch, we don’t need to pay for.  Just eat and forget about ‘food-recycling’.

Knowing that CC and Robert were both desperate to get back, we dropped them at the Atrium.  Balquais and I then proceeded to the Bloke M.  Watched the movie “Marvin’s Room”.  She did cry.  I bought my guitar.

Gym tonight again.  What a nice weekend!