High Fidelity, A Bloody Good Book

Finished the book “High Fidelity” last night.  Bloody good book and I love it so dearly.  I didn’t expect a kind of happy ending but it is just there.  Great book and definitely very addictive.  Will wait for his next book.

What’s work today?  A meeting talking about IBC (I was the main ‘speaker’) and the whole afternoon playing minesweeper.  CC is an expert on minesweeper.  Can even create a record of 190 sec on the expert level!  The more I look at her, the more I find her very similar to JP. Just a smaller version.  More Hong Kong like.  Interesting, very interesting.

To be or not to be?  Out of the question!  Ha.

Rumors that we will be moving out of Jakarta soon as there are too many modifications to the system.  Doug seems to be very ‘concerned’.

We four went and ate at Pizza Hut.  We had a fun time.