Classical Concert in a Church at Paris

In order to adjust back to Paris time, I woke up at nine in the morning.  Kind of the first time in Paris do I wake up so early.  I even had my breakfast.

Called up a few friends in Paris but they were either not in or fast asleep.  I was fed up and went out alone.  As always, Virgin Megastore . Never know that they only open at twelve on Sundays.  Nothing really exciting (except one record Savage Garden) therefore I proceed to WH Smiths.  And they only open at one-thirty.

Didn’t buy another album, nor any book.

Returned to the hotel finding that Grace has left two messages for me.  An invitation to a classical music in one of the churches in Paris.

The music was good.  Have my favourite – “The Four Seasons”.  Not to forget that I have watched “Romeo and Juliet” again.

We all had French dinner together.

Let There Be … War?

Spent the whole day composing my status report.  This time I am sure I will start a war between the Technical and Functional Team.  Knowing that there will be a big meeting between the bosses of the two teams, I don’t want to know the result.

Just too much tension between the team.  And Michel is a truly racist.  Look at Claude, I feel heartbroken.  That guy was suffering with the report.  What have I done?  I never mean to cause anyone unhappiness.  And just today, everybody wanted to work with me for a few hours.  But I just didn’t have the time.  Shame.

I dined with Claude tonight.  He took me for a very long walk and I thoroughly enjoyed it.  He has shared a lot of his thinking with me and has truly enlightened my life.  The French restaurant was a very family type and the food was okay (although Claude really enjoyed it).  I will miss him for I will only be able to see him one day when I will be back in May and he will be heading to Cairo.

We smiled, shook hands, I stepped out of the Metro at Concord.  I looked back, smiled at him and gave him a final wave. Friends …

So You Love My Poems?

Aurore was not in the office today (and tomorrow as well) so I walked into the office pretty late.  Anyway I had nothing better to do.  Not exactly right, I need to pass the ticket number to Ginger and tomorrow will be a public holiday in Singapore.

And I have got my business class ticket to US.  Wow!

Tonight, they have arranged a birthday party (dinner) for Grace, our AC project manager and Oliver, the BNP project manager.  Coincidentally, their birthdays fall onto the same day which is tomorrow.

The dinner was at 8:30 pm.  I left the office at six and returned to the hotel in order to download the SWIFT stuffs for Alvin.  Took me quite a while.  And planned to go the WH Smith and get some English books or/and magazine.  Reached there after seven, thinking that it will still be opened but it was closed at seven. Shame, could have made it.

Took a nice walk and sat somewhere near to the restaurant.  Waited for more than an hour and the BNP project manager arrived first.

The food was nice (French food) and I thoroughly enjoyed the dinner.  Grace told me that she loves my poems.  I was speechless.  There was ten of us altogether. What a crowd!

Still thinking of the show “Romeo + Juliet” the whole day.  See, what kind of impact has it done to me ?!

Nothing Medoc Cannot Fixes

Must be the lack of nicotine nowadays, I became very “bitchy”.  Seen to me everyone began to get scared of me.  I don’t know.  The stress began to build up and when I look at the list of outstanding SIR, I really wonder what am I doing and would I be better off doing something else.  The politics involved in a bank is just, intolerable.

The only thing that made me happy tonight was a very good meal.  French one.  Had the wine “Medoc”, and that is the one I have trying to look for, for so long ! Shell fish soup and rabbit for main course.  Usually I don’t like chocolate moss but I loved the one from this restaurant.  Even the tea was great (Earl Gray).

Last night I was chatting with this lady called “Hope”.  She was kind of popular as all the guys paged for her. But she said I was different as I didn’t talk about sex at all.  Well, I am a very decent boy, am I not ? 

A Hundred-Dollar Dinner Paid For

Time Report !  Last night I spent hours filling up the time report and this morning, I still found one mistake somewhere.  As usual, I went down to the secretary area to fax my stuffs back to the office.  Somehow I entered the wrong number and didn’t know what to do (French Fax Machine).  The secretary helped me out and according to Claude, he told me that the secretary found me charming.  Charming ?!

Been a very bad day today. Too much work and too much politics. I really want to go home.

In contrast, my dinner was the best.  It cost Societe Generale  SGD 100.00 and I think I well deserve this.  I had my crab as started.  Truly awesome and I loved it.  Then a fish main course.  And that was the best piece of fish I have ever tasted in Paris so far!  Dessert was great as well.