Am I Getting Fed Up Living in Paris?

Can’t believe that I have watched “The Fifth Element” again.  This time was with Aurore.  We went for diner (hippo) and throughout the night, I have thoroughly enjoyed it.  She is a good company and has a lot of interesting stories regarding on all her missions.

Edwin really liked my message “One Simple Day” just like my last McDonald’s story long time ago.  Great guy, he is.

Claude is going off tomorrow morning at 11 and most likely, will not be seeing him in the near future.

Just eight more man-days and one more weekend in Paris.  When people asked me whether I got fed up with Paris or will I miss Paris and so on, I really don’t know.  I have nothing to look forward to but on the other hand, I welcome some varieties in life.  Therefore, I remain as neutral.  As I have said before, each time I come to Paris, I carry back some different memories.  This time will not be exceptional.

Cinquième Element

Last night was bad, I slept at six in the morning.  Force myself to get up at midday but I failed (once again).  Lucky the room service called at three and I managed to get out the room at four.  Did some shopping and headed off to Paris centre immediately.

Knowing that the show “Cinquième Element” or in English, “Fifth Element”, is so popular, I bought the ticket in advance.  Once again, thanks to Aurore’s Card, I bought the ticket in special rate.

Just before I left the room, I have noticed a magazine at my study room.  It tells me all the good restaurants around Paris.  I took a look and selected some of them near Chatelet.  It was an Italian restaurant and the food was fine.

That show “Cinquième Element” was really good.  Especially, I love the part about the fifth element, which was a heroine.  I just love heroine.  A lot of special effects with great sound quality.  What more do I want?  I still contemplating whether to watch “Romeo and Juliet” again or this one as I still have one credit left.