This, Is the End

End of May.  End of the project.  End of my stay in Paris.  In this two days, I have realised something.

“Almost nothing lasts forever.  But the end of something always marks the beginning of something else.  For better or for worst?  Who can tell?  That is when optimism and pessimism come into the picture.  How about neutralism? ” – Cycles, Me.

Today, My AC mates in BNP held a farewell party for me.  Dining in a very nice restaurant.  And we have 11 of us.  Janice was there as well.  Karin thinks that I am a gentleman but I told her that I am just trying to be.

I Hate Goodbye

Farewell party.  I have invited 25 people and it was pretty crowded.  Sophie and they all have bought me some presents.  A pair of “waist cuff”, one brace and Mylene Farmer LD.  And of course, one card full of writings from the 7th floor.  I shall miss them all.  Very much so.  I hate “Goodbye”.

And then, we went to a Brazilian Restaurant and had a great time.

My emotion is so intense and I really don’t know what to write anymore.

I will miss Paris.

I Hate Parting

They are going to organize a farewell party for me.  How nice!  On Monday, Michel, Noubi and Laurent will leave for Cairo and will not be seeing them in the near future.  From time to time, I do feel quite emotional towards it.

I hate parting.

And towards the end of the night, Michel has invited me to dine with him and his wife in the same Chinese restaurant again.  As I have nothing planned, it was really very nice of them.  We played “Black Maria “ till 2 am.  I lost the first game.  And made three continuous mistake in the second game, hence lost.  But it was really funny.  Something like this. Merela first wanted to “take all” but I stopped her with a big sacrifice.  Subsequently, she wanted to “take all” again and I managed to stop her.  But the sad thing was I took the spade of queen by mistake.  In the third try, I did not stop her but I could have done so.

But as for the last game, I won by mile!  And Michel lost.

Really sad that I have to part with Merela and God knows when I will be seeing her again.  Really sad.