Family Event

Tonight we had a wonderful dinner in Cynthia’s aunt’s place.  A lot of tasty food and got a chance to meet up with her relatives.  It has been quite a while since I have experienced any family event like this.

It’s Father’s Day, Can We Stop Arguing?

Father’s day.  Started off pretty good.  We went “dim sum” together.  Only that my sister was late for half an hour.  Mum was late for one hour.  Dad wasn’t very happy.  But that is just Dad, he is never happy. True enough, we had a big argument over one small thing.  Dad was trying to… Continue reading It’s Father’s Day, Can We Stop Arguing?

Lovely Dad I Have

Had “Dim Sum” with Aunt Annie and Aunt Chan, and their respective daughters as well.  Kitty is not as stunning as last time I met her (one and a half years ago).  Wonder why. Finished reading “Romeo and Juliet”, will read it once again. What else have I achieved today?  Well, my Dad bought me… Continue reading Lovely Dad I Have

Love is Strong?

Today I was totally immersed in boredom.  Think of what to do was really a pain.  Therefore I decided to write the weekly status report instead.  Really couldn’t spend the whole day doing it and hence, spent the rest of the day reading the VTF menu volume one.  Kind of a daft thing to do… Continue reading Love is Strong?