Sea World at Saint Diego – So So Experience

The Sea World in Saint Diego isn’t that fantastic.  Dauphins and Killer Whales (Orca), Sea Seal and Sea Lion.  I have seen all back in Ocean Park, Hong Kong.  Anyway, it is again, an experience.

Colin just couldn’t resist of going to Barstow again (for the factory outlet).  His wife wanted something from Esprit and well, that is truly understandable.  When I was having a girlfriend, and I know how it feels.  The outlet closed at eight and he didn’t have time to shop in Tommy Hilfiger . Actually, we just missed it and he was pissed off with the shop assistance.  That guy should have let us in.

Tomorrow is the last day of holiday and for Colin, he will go back to Singapore, back to Gateway and most happily, go back to his wife.  Good for him.  For me, I will go back to Paris and face all the SIRs again.  Not a very pretty scene but then again, it is not quite the reality.  Think about all the good life I will have (for another three weeks).

The real reality comes when I return to Singapore.  I have this feeling that I am giving all the world can offer and suddenly, I am stripped down to nothing.  Where will I go after this SocGen project?  I have no idea.  Shall I stay in Singapore for a while and do a local project or shall I opt myself going for an overseas project?  Or will I ever have a chance to get back with JP again?  Or it is really not a good idea?

I don’t know.  How I wish I have more control on my future.  Maybe it is time for me to start thinking about my future.  My future?  Can’t believe I don’t even have one, holding the degree I have.

I see lovers all around me.  And I miss the great time I had with JP whenever we were having a holiday.  So magical.  Sad to say, our relationship went downhill.  Even if she gets back to me, it will not be the same anymore.  Not anymore. So why should I think about her from time to time?

Destination Los Angeles

Today we needed to hit Los Angeles therefore we both woke up pretty early.  I set the alarm clock at 6:45 am and I woke up naturally.  More correctly, I woke up by a nightmare.  In my dream, I was in bed with JP. And before we got into real business, she admitted that she had slept with more than a hundred guys while I was away.  I was furious and shouting up to the sky (something like the show ‘Romeo and Juliet’) and I could feel my whole body felt with rage.  And I woke up with cold swears falling from my forehead.

Must be the songs from ‘Jewel’.

Guess what. I woke up at 7:20 am instead.  Feeling very tired and we stepped out of the room at around eight.  Had a simple breakfast and hit the road.  I felt a lot better today and Colin and I got along well just like Day One.  Kind of strange that my mood changes so suddenly.

At first Colin decided that he would drive all the way to Barstow and I would take the cue and finished off the trip.  In the end, he got tired after one hour of driving on a very straight road and I took over.  We swapped from time to time and it was fun.

The factory outlet in Barstow was huge.  We both spent a lot of money there.  In the end, we were frightened and tried not to step into any shop.

The inn was very decent indeed and we relaxed quite a fair bit.  Colin was into … erm … movies while I just took a nap.  He was craving for Chinese food so we have decided to go for Chinese.  It took us a long time to get there and the food was no good.  But he still thinks that it is better than cheese and bread (Western food).

During the whole day, I was thinking about JP again.  Thinking about the possibility that we will get back together.  But will I ever even be able to bear the shadow of not being able to know what she has been doing behind me?  After all, we have officially broken up.  And do I really care if she is really flirting and sleeping around?  Guess I shouldn’t.  Thought that the purpose of such a trip is to forget about the past but the past is just too difficult to be forgiven.

More Factory Outlets and Gambling

Second day of my holiday.  Planned to visit the Grand Canyon today but Colin changed the plan.  It is true that there isn’t any point of going there if we do not set off early in the morning.  So we had a very basic breakfast at the inn and set off to one of the factory outlet.  (Again?)

Driving in the middle of the desert was fun.  I mean I always see it in the movie and today, I was actually doing it.  Straight road (have to watch out for traffic lights) with valleys of sand all round me.  Rocky hills from a distance, bright sunlight. Just me and my car and my radio on.  It was just like a dream.

Bought a few T-shirts and really wanted to buy a pair of trousers.  Sadly, I am not fat enough to fit into any of the US size.  Swear I have to get fatter.  As for Colin, he has got some clothing as well.  Basically, we both like to shop.

Returned to MGM Grand (Casino) for buffer lunch.  The food was good.  Really good.  One of the best I have for my whole US trip so far.  I virtually clean the plate up.

After lunch, we went for another factory outlet (that’s right, again).  Spent a great deal of time there and visited the biggest shopping mall in Nevada.  Pity that we have arrived too late and we ended up in yet another book store.  Very depressed that I couldn’t get any book at all.  I think I needed more time.

Had dinner at Monte Carlo.  We paid the tips up front (paid before eating) and indeed, we were treated differently.  And the cashier actually underline the tip on the ticket.  The food was not that fantastic.  Maybe I was still too full with the heavy lunch.  One thing good about Las Vegas is that the food is very cheap. I mean for ten bucks I can have a good buffer here.  We both agree that it would have been a good place for honeymoon.

Colin spent quite a lot in gambling.  In the end, he has donated eighty bucks to the society of Las Vegas.  As for me, it is always interesting to watch the players and the play.

The whole day, I have been thinking about Uncle Pang.  Not sure if he has been to Las Vegas or not, but it will be a paradise for him.  So, I am going to send him a postcard and advise him to come over one day.  And inevitably, I have been thinking about JP.  What to do?

And right now, Colin is enjoying one of the … ahem … movie. As for me, I have seen it all.

Whirlwind Tour at Chicago

One of our Strategic Manger (let’s call him CH) has rented a car for the whole week (USD 160.00).  So you can guess what we do for the whole day.

Woke up by myself at six thirty mainly because the curtain was not popularly closed.  Shortly after I woke up, in the mist of trying to get back to sleep again, Colin called me up and told me that he has been awaken since four thirty.  So we went for an early breakfast.

(Met up two guys from Shanghai AC during breakfast)

Oh, not to forget to mention that before we went for breakfast, I approached the reception area and asked if it was possible to move into Colin’s room.  I first asked for the supervisor.  And the girl (pretty – Italian?) actually fixed our ‘problem’ for us.  We had some nice chats and I learnt that she just came back from Italy.

The big shopping area (or ‘outlet’) will not be opened until eleven.  Therefore we took a drive to a park (Fox Lake) and had a nice walk there.  Kind of very scenic but it was a bit too brown.  Think it will look a lot better during the summer.  Met a man who was fishing which his son and his step son (from Philippine).  Talk about hookers in LA.  Kind of nice to talk to.

And had a good lunch at T.G.I. Friday’s.

The big shopping area is called Gurnee Mills.  Bought one Zippo XIII lighter with a pretty Petty Girl picture in front.  It is really pretty and come with a trading card.  The next one I bought was a dog statue for Annie.  Hope she likes it as it is pretty big.  Finally, the book – Romeo and Juliet.  With that, I hope to understand the literature better.

Wanted to go to the theme park called Six Flags but it was booked for private party.  At first felt very disappointed but we soon another place of interest.

That is another factory outlet.  Bought three ties and one pair of Timberland shoe.  It was kind of a rush as we walked into the shop ten minutes before closing.  But we got what we wanted.

Next, we head for Chicago for a pizza.  CH was tired in the middle of the drive and I had to take over (as Colin needs to direct us).  The pizza was not that good but at least we have been to Chicago.

Well, what was I thinking of for the whole day?  I kept think that my life will not be completed without a lover (and obviously you know whom I refer to).  I can try to be happy spending all the money and time doing what I like but I have no one to share the happiness with.

And I have already set my target for the coming year 1998. That is:

  • Get promoted to consultant
  • Get my Singapore Citizenship
  • Get a girlfriend