A Weekend Full Of Online Chat

What a weekend !  A weekend without daylight.  The chat line is very additive.  I just hooked onto it for hours.  So ended up going to sleep at 7 in the morning and woke up not seeing the daylight.

First night I logged in as “New Wilf 97”, toured around and nothing really fantastic.  Second night I logged in as “Etoile 97” and that caught most attention from the French (as Etoile means star in French).  I intended to hide my sex and see what happened.  Guess what, most of them thought I am a lady !  Glad to talk to the French about Mylene Farmer and they told me that she is a bisexual.  Doesn’t bother me really.  And my favorite topic of that night was relationship.  One guy told me that he worked in a pub before and met this waitress in the same pub.  I guess they kissed but according to him, still not sure.  So I gave advice like go shopping with her, buy flower and so on.  In the end, he was certain that I was a “she” and I didn’t tell him in the end. (Note : few weeks later as I chatted with him again, he managed to get more attention from her.  Thanks to me!)

And I was chatting with someone called “Paris”.  In fact on that night, I dined in Planet Hollywood and coincidentally he was one of the waiter.  He is from UK and we chatted quiet a fair bit.  Talking about long legs waitress in Planet Hollywood and so on.

And the most fun was last night in which in nicknamed as “GoodBoy”.  In the room of “Mr/Ms Right”, I chatted with an American girl named “Lilly”, a British called “Tugger” and a New Zealand guy called “Alan”.  It was so much fun and I missed them all.  I called Tugger Fish & Chips and called Alan, Kiwi.  Our topic ranged from movies to music to cycling to books to relationship.  Tugger told me that he is divorcing and I asked how come.  He told me that he and his ex-wife were very good friend and they marred for the wrong reason.  I asked, “Child ?” and he said yes.  But he felt a long better now and still go out with he ex as good friends.  Hard to believe, isn’t it ?

Ice Cream Saved My Weekend?

I hated this weekend.  Nothing worked out fine to me.  Phone call to JP yesterday was a disastrous when it came into money matter.  Today I could not find her.  Phone call to my Mum this afternoon was even worst.  I am fed up with all the family matter.

Yesterday I was “rejected” from a restaurant (Lunch) because I was a bit too late.  I swear the waitress said that the restaurant only served desert right now.  If only I knew French.  Today I went up earlier and they don’t open on Sunday.

Today’s lunch was different.  I went into this Cafeteria, self-serviced type.  So I just have to pick any food I like.  Happened to pick the steak and chips, one roll, a fresh Pineapple (Don’t understand why nowadays I love fresh fruit so much.), and a Pepsi Max.  The counter (French Lady) was very friendly as I asked for some butter.  Very abnormal but I guess some people will treat others better regardless of color.  And I sat inside for a few hours, reading a novel.  The steak was half cooked (French doesn’t like to cook things thoroughly) and I did not finish the food at all.

And I wanted to watch a movie.  As I could not pronounce the title, so I wrote it in a piece of paper.  But they all thought I wanted to watch the Night Club Show (LIDO).  Stupid French.  And then I moved onto the next one, and it was full.  Treated myself some good ice cream in Haagen-Dazs (Etoile) instead.