X-Men: Days of Future Past Is Amazing

X-Men Days of the Future Past

A bunch of us who are playing this Marvel themed online game were super excited for a get together event to watch X-Men Days of Future Past. Some of us have not met each other before the show. But one passion binds us together – Marvel. So we met up. All of us were kind of surprised at how we look like in real life. For example, one best known as Iron-Man is actually pretty hilarious in person. And Dr. Strange is a lot taller than I thought. They in turn were marveled at my ‘multi-tone’ hair highlight and that I am much – shall I say – matured looking than who they think I am. What they don’t know is that my hair was having this special effect even during my younger years. It is just a matter of days of my present past. What do they think of Rocket Raccoon a.k.a. my wife? Err. OK. Next.

I did not like the previous X-Men movie back in 2011. But you know me. Short term memory. And I am always excited by what is to come. The story is set in the future, when the war between the mutants (and the humans that side with them) and the sentinels is almost over. Mutants are facing extinction. The future is bleak. What an incredible fight for survival these mutants have put up against the formidable foes. The amount of teamwork is amazing. Blink (Fan Bingbing) opens up portals at strategic places, Colossus goes in for the punch. Iceman and Sunspot tackle the enemies with ice and fire. Storm powers Bishop’s weapon and Bishop goes in for the kill at range. Even with such teamwork the mutants are not able to take down the sentinels. Because the sentinels manage to absorb and adapt to the mutants’ power. It is always Shadowcat (Ellen Page) sending Bishop back in time to warn the mutants so as to avert the attack (now, I had no idea that Kitty Pryde has this sort of power!). That breathtaking last moment between victory and total annihilation.

But the mutants are tired of running. Professor X and Magneto have decided to send Wolverine back into the past and prevent that one single event that led to where they are in the future – the capture of Mystique (Jennifer Lawrence). Eventually her DNA was being studied and used to enhance the sentinels as the ultimate mutant killing machines.

The story is intriguing. Although it may not be considered as a true Marvel story – since it is common to have alternative realities when it comes to Marvel characters -I found the plot of Days of Future Past acceptable. It has also undone some of the unpopular movie endings in the past through time travel. So I am cool with it and am looking forward to more X-Men movies.

The casting is fantastic. Hugh Jackman is so perfect for the role as Wolverine. Both the younger versions of Professor X and Magneto have done well too. Key to the story is Mystique. I was unsure how our Hunger Game heroine Jennifer Lawrence would perform as a blue mutant. She has handled the multidimensional character well. Being someone strong but yet emotionally fragile, threading a thin line that separates the good and the evil. She has a decision to make. Can she change the future? This movie got me hooked from beginning to end.

Inception – Into Subconscious and Dream Whereby Logic Supposes To Dissolve

The idea is tantalizing.  Imagine being able to architect your dream, bring others into your dream or trespass into others’ dreams, and if you wish to retain certain fond memories of the past, lock them up inside your head and visit them as often as you like.  On the surface, “Inception” appears to be a movie with an original idea that is rarely seen since the days of “The Matrix”.  If writer, producer, and director Christopher Nolan was to release the film 10 years ago – when the script was first completed – some may find the resemblances to “The Matrix” hard to ignore.  Fortunately, it is 2010.

The beauty of “Inception” is the writer’s ability to create a fantasy world with a set of rules driven by logic.  Some of these rules are intriguing.  For those who watch “Inception” the first time, no doubt it would be a memorable journey.  You could be too busy absorbing new ideas without pondering upon those illogical moments.  While in “The Matrix”, we may relegate the unanswerable questions to a Higher Being (philosophically speaking), the same cannot be said for “Inception” – for it is men who invent the dream machine.  At times I wonder: Is it a good idea to build logic into dream and subconscious in the first place?

I have heard a lot of praises for Leonardo DiCaprio’s performance in “Inception”.  I would say other actors and actresses such as Marion Cotillard and Ellen Page are equally brilliant.  This film is loaded with stars, and special effects.  It is a solid two and a half hours of entertainment.  And you would probably walk out of the theater with more questions than answers, while thoroughly entertained of course.

Juno – Comedy Drama Doesn’t Come Better Than This


Drama is my favorite genre.  This time, the talented young actress Ellen Page is not going to experiment with how to trap a pedophile and cut his balls like she did in “Hard Candy (2005)”.  Instead, her character, a 16-year old Juno, has become pregnant and decided to find the perfect couple to adopt her baby.  The winning formula of this critically acclaimed and box office success ($156 million gross from a $6.5 million film is pretty good) in my opinion is: a believable storyline, a lively script, great soundtrack of Indie music that goes so well with the movie’s theme, and the superb acting of Ellen Page.  The script is so good that keep you smiling throughout the show.  There are just way too many memorable scenes, from beginning to the very end.  The storyline has enough opportunity for Ellen Page to shine.  Amidst the rather unfortunate incident of teen pregnancy, the portrait of a Juno’s pro-life journey warms audience’s hearts.  Juno is not the sweet young girl as you may imagine.  She is more like a slightly grown up version of “Hard Candy” – sharp-tongued with attitude, without the balls cutting kind of angst – laterally – of course.

Voted by the critics as the top 10 film of the year 2007, “Juno” shouldn’t disappoint at all.  It is worth checking out when you have time.  Who knows?  “Juno” could be the very first Blu-ray movie I own now that Blu-ray has won the format war.