Sacre-Coeur And Montmartre, Pompidou Centre And Eiffel Tower

I am not a big fan of Eiffel Tower.  But when we visited France, I had one mission in mind: To take a photograph of Eiffel Tower that is seldom seen before.  I think I have somewhat achieved that.  There is some deeper connotation with regards to how this photo is composed.  But I shall leave it to open interpretation.

Day 4 and the weather got warmer and warmer, more like a summer holiday.  It did take some time for Cynthia and I to recuperate from the jet lag, change in weather, and slip into a more productive mode of being a tourist.  In the morning, we have visited the Sacre-Coeur or Sacred Heart Basilica.  It is hard to miss this basilica when you look at the landscape of Paris.  It is white in color and is located on top of a hilly area called Montmartre.  We had spent a good number of hours under the sun admiring the monuments.  And we had spent a good number of hours inside the museums.  By the time evening arrived, we had a delicious dinner at a Corsica restaurant.  Likely to be one of the best meal we had in Paris.

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My Partner of Life Would be Ideally …

Woke up at ten.  First time in history because Cecile invited me for a lunch at her place.  I mean Cecile is quite a woman.  French woman and truly feminine. I  have never seem someone as feminine as her.  Wow!  She is slim with 2 kids (and not married!).  Her boyfriend come home once in a week (I guess) and she has to take care of 2 kids of theirs.  Quite incredible.  And she reads a lot of books as well and she knows quite a number of poems.

That makes me wonder who shall be my partner of life. She would be ideally:

  • Feminine
  • Love children
  • Have strong opinion of her own (and clever)
  • Like to read and appreciate literature (hopefully be artistic)
  • Give me security and love me
  • Get along well with my family
  • Love nature

Cecile’s friend is a civil engineer and he has got a wife and a kid as well.  Hence throughout the whole Saturday afternoon, I was with three kids.  Do I like kids at all?  Maybe I do love to have my own kids.

And in the evening, I met up with Alvin and Pui (from HK).  I seriously think there is something going on between those two.  I hate to go out in threesome.  I swear I shall try to avoid this in the future.  We had Mexican food before the movie (Dante’s Peak).  I kind of like the visual effect but I don’t think they appreciated it at all.  Too picky.

I suggested to take a walk to the Eiffel Tower but it was not lit up at all.  We wanted to have a drink but there wasn’t any at that area.  We then went to Rue Montmartre (near their hotel) and had a drink.  It was a Karaoke Bar and I had a beer.

Too much alcohol nowadays and I do have craving for alcohol.  Kind of scary, isn’t it?

FF308 Valentine Day Dinner, Alone

Last night I slept at 9:00 pm, incredible!  And I have missed my “Tonight Show”.  After sleeping for 10 and a half hours, I was totally retarded the whole day.  Being so slow and so quiet and so on.

Called my girlfriend late afternoon, Singapore time and she told me that after 4 years of training, she finally received roses on Valentine’s Day (though the roses were not so fresh).  What a relief!  Really gone through a lot of trouble ordering those flowers.

And I worked late with Michel.  After work, I went down to Champs-Elysees and could not find one single restaurant I want to walk into.  So I walked and walked and ended up very near to the Eiffel Tower.  A very nice restaurant (expensive as well, cost FF308) overlooking the Eiffel Tower.  I was the only single there and all others were lovers.  Oh, I miss being with my girlfriend.