I Clocked 320km This Weekend

One in the afternoon left the apartment.  Driving down to KL and lost way here and there.  But not too bad, after finding the right track, all the way right into the BB Plaza.  Pretty proud of myself.  Walking around the shopping centre and got bored.  Had a cup of coffee and started driving around KL aimlessly.  Though it is a good practice in order to get to know this big city.  Bought a compass and it kind of helps a little bit.

Throughout this weekend, I clocked 320 km. Not too bad.

I Drive, I am Lost

After 5, most of the Singapore colleagues of mine fly back to Singapore leaving me and Alvin.  Of course, I would not wish to disturb Alvin as he has his girlfriend to take care of.  While for me?  Well, Lily at first thought of going to shopping with me after 5.  But I guess we all have been seeing each other very often and kind of need a break.  I really do not mind that much as I am kind of used to the idea of being alone all the time.  She is right.  Imagine very often I will just being quiet with no words to say at all.  Most of the time, Jason they all will just fill in the blanks.

So I ventured.  At first I need to fill up my tank.  Took some unconventional turns here and there and there you go, I am lost.  I wanted to visit the Subang Parade as recommended by Jason.  Following the road to the airport, I somehow managed to reach Subang Parade.  Not too fantastic.  And coming back to PJ was a pain.  I really have no idea why I ended up paying twice at the toll station and I am pretty sure that I have somehow went into KL (the V building) and very luckily, got the correct exit and home run.

Tomorrow, will see Kah Lok.  Wonder how that guy looks like.

I Started Driving Again

As far as I can remember, two things happened today.  First of all, after the whole morning of waiting and waiting, my mobile phone suddenly worked right after lunch.  Not bad.  I am very pleased about it.

The other thing is that I drove Alvin Koh from the office to our apartment and back to the office after lunch.  Well.  Such a long time since I’ve driven.  Those good UK time.

Life continues to be interest.  Not lonely no more.  In fact, I don’t feel like flying back to Singapore this weekend.  We shall see.