To Be or To Be Not

To be frank, let’s hope that I have already hit the lowest point of my emotion.  And I shall see a bright and clear path soon.

Easy said that done but at least I shall try to seek true happiness.

And not at all simple.

Got to sort out my work, my love, my friends and my family.

To some people, I may be lucky.  To be single and lead a non-commit life.  Free to see any body I like, free to do whatever I like.

The bottom line is: I have to experience as much as possible when I am young.

My heartbreaks, my disappointing role in the project, the slipping of my friends, the family back in Hong Kong I need to take care of really soon.  The question is: shall I emerge in my non-prosperous love life, probably pursuing something that will end up like soap bubble? To be or not to be …

But which way to go? 

I Now Fall and I Will Lose

Tonight (after midnight already), I turned 1 year older.  And I was with CC.  Neither one of us realised that, of course.

For the whole day, I have been thinking of her.  I think I have already fallen in love with her and in less than a week’s time, I will lose her again.

The start of a heartbreak is coming, how nice.

Such a confusing situation. 


On This Day I Fell

Okay, how shall I confess?

To confess the wrongdoing of my heart or the wrongdoing of my soul?

I have just followed my heart and that is what I end up with.  Knowing that CC has a devoted boyfriend, going to see her very soon, how could I end up in …

Knowing that this well is so deep that a step forward will end up dead at the bottom, why would I just fall in love, like that again?

Must be – using one pain to cover another one.