Killing Time

I couldn’t really sleep last night.  Gone to bed at 10:30 pm and woke up at 2:30 am.  And I couldn’t go back to sleep.  Got up, obsessed with my coming broadcast and tried to go back to sleep at six.  Couldn’t.  Hence ordered breakfast. Eventually, woke up at noon.  Nice sunshine today.  Desperate to… Continue reading Killing Time

Love is Strong?

Today I was totally immersed in boredom.  Think of what to do was really a pain.  Therefore I decided to write the weekly status report instead.  Really couldn’t spend the whole day doing it and hence, spent the rest of the day reading the VTF menu volume one.  Kind of a daft thing to do… Continue reading Love is Strong?

Mail Server Crashed, Not That I Quit

Aurore stopped me from swearing in French.  Most shocking.  Anyway, I shouldn’t do it to start with.  Got an image to maintain, you know. Received an email from Doug praising me that my status report was very good.  Well, he didn’t exactly say that.  What he said was my most recent status report is a… Continue reading Mail Server Crashed, Not That I Quit

Dialogues at a Restaurant

What a good life.  Woke up at late afternoon, went out and bought my water supply and FF20 worth of strawberry.  Not very sweet at all, but I love strawberry.  Still remember those days back in the strawberry field in UK.  Sweet strawberry, big strawberry and fresh strawberry.  Oh, those good old days. Actually wanted… Continue reading Dialogues at a Restaurant

FF308 Valentine Day Dinner, Alone

Last night I slept at 9:00 pm, incredible!  And I have missed my “Tonight Show”.  After sleeping for 10 and a half hours, I was totally retarded the whole day.  Being so slow and so quiet and so on. Called my girlfriend late afternoon, Singapore time and she told me that after 4 years of… Continue reading FF308 Valentine Day Dinner, Alone