Killing Time

I couldn’t really sleep last night.  Gone to bed at 10:30 pm and woke up at 2:30 am.  And I couldn’t go back to sleep.  Got up, obsessed with my coming broadcast and tried to go back to sleep at six.  Couldn’t.  Hence ordered breakfast.

Eventually, woke up at noon.  Nice sunshine today.  Desperate to go out and bathed in the sun.  Contemplating whether to call the BNP guys or not but I didn’t.

Sunglasses on, I went done to Châtelet-Les-Halles and decided to watch “Blood and Wine”.  Took the same route as Claude took me to 2 days ago.  Had lunch at one very nice bar.  Actually planned to watch the show at six in the afternoon but I couldn’t wait no more.  Just too much time.  Hence watched it at four instead.

Very good show.  It’s Jack Nicholson.  Went to Virgin store and walked aimlessly at the busy street of Champs-Elysees.  In the end, decided to go back to Châtelet and had my Japanese food.

Been thinking of my future house all the time.  Suddenly I remember one of the reason of coming back to Paris was to be able save some money for my future home (+ decorations and so on).  Shame that things do not always work out the way they suppose to be.

Love is Strong?

Today I was totally immersed in boredom.  Think of what to do was really a pain.  Therefore I decided to write the weekly status report instead.  Really couldn’t spend the whole day doing it and hence, spent the rest of the day reading the VTF menu volume one.  Kind of a daft thing to do but hey, what the hack!

First thing in the morning, I called up Ginger.  Thought I have given her enough nightmare.  Just an apology.  This whole thing is a total bad experience.  Guess one has to go through some tough time (and decision) from time to time.

Received an email from my sister this morning.  A bit worry about whether George and her will work out.  I mean, I don’t really know that guy that well.  And he doesn’t like taking photo with my sister.  As said by her, probably only less than 10 photos.  Kind of sad.  I think I should write her a nice email explaining some sense into her mind.

From next week onwards, I will be working like a refugee (hey, today was spring cleaning).  As there will be a new guy coming in especially for the MUE project, I will lose my crappy working place.  And I have to work in another office.  Pretty sad again.

I knocked off at 5:45 and Claude took me for a nice walk showing me all the nice places.  Somehow I started off the topic about girlfriend and he told me that he has lost his girlfriend after his Sydney trip.  Pretty sad (again), isn’t it?  I understand that he has been with this girl for 1 year and she told him that she is not good enough for him and so on.  And she has been avoiding him lately.  Very similar story.  How come when it comes to the breakup, the girl is always the gentle one?

As for Laurent, few days ago, he told me that he was married.  He looked kind of young and I was in shock.  He then told me that his marriage has only lasted for a few months and he wife has left France.  What is love?  Kind of fragile, isn’t it? (As quoted from my sister)  But now, Laurent is with another girl.

These strike me really hard.  Is it really so hard to maintain a relationship, I am asking myself.  Does it mean that love never conquer distance?  I always think that love should be strong enough to withstand just anything.

As for Aurore, she once had a boyfriend but he lived very far away from her.  In the end, after influenced by the people in the office, she has broken off from her lover.


Back to what I have done tonight.  I went out with some of the BNP team and had dinner near the Sacred Heart Church.  Very impressed by the way I talk.  I mean I could never make any decent long conversation before.  Munchie (nake name) told me that I am very different from HK guy and Singapore guy.  In the end, he told me it is the value that is different.

Went to Champs-Elysees, Virgin Mega Store and bought the new Depeche Mode CD.

Mail Server Crashed, Not That I Quit

Aurore stopped me from swearing in French.  Most shocking.  Anyway, I shouldn’t do it to start with.  Got an image to maintain, you know.

Received an email from Doug praising me that my status report was very good.  Well, he didn’t exactly say that.  What he said was my most recent status report is a lot better than my previous ones.  But at least I know he reads.  Kind of happy over this.

Noubi issued another nonsense SIR.  I rejected it and he rejected my rejection.  Me and him, always at war.  But I just love to have war with him.  Kind of keep my heart pumping.  As for work, my non-customer report seems to work out fine.  Just that now I have to put all the 10 reports into one.  One good challenge.

Tomorrow, I am going to give my very first training session.  And the first in my life.  I think I’ve come well prepared and I hope it should work out okay.

Called up Sam and in fact, he was worried that I have quited the firm (without notifying him).  I told him not to worry, just the mail server crashed last week.  He suggested that I should talk with my ex face to face.  What is there to talk about?  Don’t think we’ll ever come back together anyway.  Right?

Walking down the Champs-Elysees, looking for a restaurant have my dinner.  It is really a headache nowadays to hunt for a restaurant.  I ended up in St. Clement, the one I used to go very often (for my oysters).  And finally, got to try my white Martini.  I love Martini, red or white.

Dialogues at a Restaurant

What a good life.  Woke up at late afternoon, went out and bought my water supply and FF20 worth of strawberry.  Not very sweet at all, but I love strawberry.  Still remember those days back in the strawberry field in UK.  Sweet strawberry, big strawberry and fresh strawberry.  Oh, those good old days.

Actually wanted to go down to Champs-Elysees for a movie, the Ghost and the Darkness.  Went into a Thai Restaurant and had quite an unusual experience.  On my left was two well-pass-mid-age ladies speaking in English.  While on my right was a honeymoon couple from HK.  I understood perfectly well what they were talking about.

I think I am really detached from HK as I really don’t think I can ever imitate their accent. (Why I use “their” by the way?)  The guy was doing the talking all the time and the pretty wife (yeah, very pretty indeed) just listened.  If I was the girl, I think his conversation was pretty dry and boring.  Talking about his childhood and working progression.  I mean, does she know it already by now?  And talked about how he charmed his ladies and so on.  Somewhere along the story, this wife of his wanted a watch, so he sent somebody up to her (office?) with a box of watches so that she could just select one.  How romantic <flat voice>.

Towards the end of the dinner, one of the lady on my left wanted a cigarette.  I mean she spent a few minutes explaining that it was very rude and so on.  I mean, if you want one, you have one.  As simple as that.  At the end, she bought me a drink and I wanted a cup of tea.  Totally unnecessary.

And I bought a CD, “Elysian Fields”.  Kind of very dark music but I just liked it.  First CD I bought in Paris this trip so far.

FF308 Valentine Day Dinner, Alone

Last night I slept at 9:00 pm, incredible!  And I have missed my “Tonight Show”.  After sleeping for 10 and a half hours, I was totally retarded the whole day.  Being so slow and so quiet and so on.

Called my girlfriend late afternoon, Singapore time and she told me that after 4 years of training, she finally received roses on Valentine’s Day (though the roses were not so fresh).  What a relief!  Really gone through a lot of trouble ordering those flowers.

And I worked late with Michel.  After work, I went down to Champs-Elysees and could not find one single restaurant I want to walk into.  So I walked and walked and ended up very near to the Eiffel Tower.  A very nice restaurant (expensive as well, cost FF308) overlooking the Eiffel Tower.  I was the only single there and all others were lovers.  Oh, I miss being with my girlfriend.