So This Is Our Casino 1 Of 2? A Visit To Resorts World Sentosa Singapore

One evening, seated opposite me inside a Japanese restaurant at Wheelock Place, my sister in her supreme cuteness and child like innocence squeezed her fists hard, gesturing in annoyance and said to Cynthia who was sitting next to me, “Does he always play with his phone at the dining table?  Do you feel like grabbing his phone and throw it away?”  For a moment, I thought my little sister meant business.

I was innocence, of course.  I was planning to bring my mother from Hong Kong to visit Resorts World Sentosa tomorrow.  No, the tickets to Universal Studios Singapore were sold out, as the website on my phone said so.  Deep inside, I agree with my sister.  I have spent way too much time on my phone.  Perhaps, in the not so distant future, most of us will be road hazard to one another.  We walk with our eyes on the phone, we drive with our eyes on the phone.

*     *     *     *     *

Even as a non-gambler, I am curious.  Our very first casino branded under the concept of integrated resort.  Followed the rather cheap looking sign “Casino”, we walked down the dark tunnel.  I heard a futuristic musical tune that reminds me of the game Mass Effect 2.  Strange!  Looking at the entrance of the casino (see picture above), imagine masking out the word “casino”, I thought I was inside a Cathedral.  Quite the opposite, of course.

As a Singapore Citizen (or Permanent Resident), we need to pay a S$100 levy per entry (24 hours).  Or S$2,000 for an annual pass.  What a joke that I had to stand outside waiting while sending off my mother (as a foreigner) into the casino.  I wish I could accompany her.  But spending S$100 in order to tour the casino does not worth my hard earned money.  At the entrance, I took out a S$50 note, passed it to my mother and said, “Mom, take you time inside the casino.  Try out the slot machines and win some money for me!”.  I waved to her as she went past the security checkpoint, just like what I used to do when I send her off the airport, which I will tomorrow.

*     *     *     *     *

What a disappointment, which I was not surprised.  At the exit, my mother said to me, “I won S$50 by not gambling it away!”.  As it turns out, the slot machines are too high-tech for her.  What happens to the good old days of putting a coin inside the machine, pull the lever, and if you win, you hear the coins falling onto the tray underneath?  Well, mom, if you visit me this July, just when you think that you can on the television and watch F1, mioTV will need at least 5 minutes to ‘boot-up’.  That is technology for you.

Besides, the machines are in English and she can only read Chinese.  How come I am not surprised?  Not long ago, I was at the station topping up my ezLink Card.  One Chinese girl approached me and asked if I could help her to top up her card because she could not read English.  I tried to teach her on how to top up the card and I gave up halfway.  Too many steps, too many inputs.  No way she could remember what to do.  This is Singapore for you.

*     *     *     *     *

Resorts World Sentosa does not look grand, I must say.  I could not find a seat to read my book while waiting for my mother to tour the casino.  There were house flies inside the toilet.  For a mere 3 hours parking, I had to pay S$10 (on top of S$6 entrance fee to Sentosa).  Peeping at the Universal Studios from the entrance, it does not seem to have the extraordinary feel of, say, Hong Kong Disneyland Resort.  Elsewhere in the world, casinos do their best to attract people to visit.  Free and frequent bus rides, free or cheap food and drink, free souvenirs, and tons of entertainment.  What does our casino 1 of 2 have?

Very beautiful cars for sure (and there is a Victoria’s Secret inside!).

Goodbye Autumn, Las Vegas Here I Come!

Hey, finally today was the beginning of my holiday.  Right now, I am in Las Vegas, the city of desert full of casinos and very gorgeous women.  Okay, let’s rewind a bit and talk about what happened yesterday.

In fact, I have to go back to two nights ago.  Thursday night that is.  Well, Colin slept early but I thought of going to the Social Centre for no one would be around the subsequent night.

Went down there at eleven and met Kevin, Ciaran and their mates.  Decided to go downtown with them, we set off at eleven thirty.  There were altogether six of us.  James (American), Ciaran, Kevin, two Austrians and myself.  It was, later on, quite obvious that the two Austrians felt in love with each other.  The gorgeous little one is called Racheal and the guy is called Mack (?).  Anyway, we went to the pub called Scotland Yard and just in time for the last call (good timing, huh?).  We ordered one round of shots and each ordered their “main course”.  I ordered one beer.  In the end, we ended up having one more shot and I was basically pissed.

As it was kind of early, we decided to go the Cadelae Ranch (?).  The one I went for during my last trip (by the way, exactly one year minus two weeks ago).  We had some fun but the atmosphere was different. Last time we had (or more correctly I knew of) more nice babes. S tayed there till three thirty and had to get up at half six.

Okay, back to yesterday.  Obviously I was very tired the next day.  We finished the coding and busy doing documentation.  In the end, I think the presentation was pretty good with me doing the “keyboard man” and Ciaran be the Mr. Charm.  Autumn stopped me and examined my tie and she seemed to like my “tie of the day” as well.

Lunch time came and I felt very void.  Really missing those great guys I have meet.  I always have that kind of feeling.  One week is really too short to get to know anybody in depth.  It is just like another phase of life and one has to just move on.

Started packing up for a while and had to meet up with CH at two.  Three of us (Colin, CH and me) went to Charles Town Mall and “wasted” three and a half hours there.  If only we held the car key (which we didn’t).  CH wanted to buy toys for his kids.  What to do?

Headed off the Chicago at half five, caught in a traffic jam and for me, I just slept in the back seat of the car all the way.  Colin and I wanted Pizza but CH was the fussy one.  In the end, we ended up in the Hard Rock Café where the food was not really that fantastic.  Returned to the Centre at half past twelve, packed up my stuffs, sent a fax to Jennifer as I haven’t filled in my time report (and I can’t because the floppy drive of this notebook doesn’t work).

Hence (wrapped the long story), slept at two o’clock and have to wake up at half past five this morning.  Not enough!

The flight was at nine in the morning and arrived at Las Vegas sometime in the late afternoon (another 2 hours different).  At a first glaze, the place really looks like a desert to me (yet to find some cactuses).  But seriously, really amazed in how wonderful this place is.  Took a lot of photographs and hope they all turn out fine.

Sorting out the accommodation and the rental of the car was really a headache; but in the end, we have got it all sorted out.  The motel (called “Comfort Inn”) really looks like the one in Pulp Fiction but it is not as bad I hope.

Went out and had a very nice (and inexpensive) dinner.  We had the main course – Steak and Lobster – for just seven bucks each.  Colin gambled a few times.  The first time, he put in twenty bucks and got back the original amount (he could have more if he pulled out earlier).  The second time he walked in, he lost thirty bucks.  His favourite is the Roulette and as for me, I just don’t want to get into gambling.

Called up my Dad this afternoon and it is always a pleasure talking to my old folks.  The whole street (called the ‘Strip’) was full of neon light attraction and of course, with a lot of people.  The way that the casinos spend building those wonders is just unbelievable.  My favourite one is the Treasure Island.  At around ten, we saw a large group of people gathering outside the Treasure Island.  First I must (try to) describe this hotel.  On the right hand side of the Hotel, there was a large ship (later on found out that it is a fleet from the British Navy).  On the left hand side, there was yet another smaller one (the pirate ship).  These two ships are separated by a bridge and the ‘sea’.

At ten, music began to play.  Two pirates in a small boat rowed towards the pirate ship and the play started.  True as I predicted, the one on the right moved towards the centre of the ‘sea’ and a quarrel started.

They fired at each other and got to say that the effort was very realistic.  Water shooting off from the ‘sea’ (as cannon missed the target), building on fire (again, missed) and ship on fire.  The effort was just great and really can’t find any other words to describe it.  Anyway, in the end, the British ship sank (partially) into the sea.  Really worth the fifteen minutes wait. Mirage Hotel is great as well.  A lot of decent waterfalls and they simulated a volcano eruption.  Using a lot of fire and lighting effect.  I just love the place.

What will we do tomorrow?  You will see.