Know My Place

Sunday, that is.  Forced myself to wake up this morning.  Accompanied the maid and bought some household stuffs.  Went over BUN and worked a while.  CC called me back to chop up the chicken.  We all have a lunch gathering.  Then I went back to work a while and they all watched VCD. Seeing CC… Continue reading Know My Place

On This Day I Was Born

TODAY IS MY BIRTHDAY!!!!! Yep, my birthday. Had a few birthday emails and the ladies in our team have bought me a birthday cake.  Also had a lunch appointment with the BUN (functional?) team.  A very nice restaurant serving Indonesian food.  I was travelling with two ladies (even eating) and it was easy at all. … Continue reading On This Day I Was Born

A Day of Food Adventure

Okay, today I feel a lot better.  I didn’t approach CC just because she has offended me yesterday.  She was very direct and I shall be better in listening to criticism. Lunch time, Balquais suggested going to one of the oldest Japanese restaurant in Jakarta.  Getting there was really tough as the driver didn’t know where… Continue reading A Day of Food Adventure