We Move, Because of Our Loved Ones

I really miss those good old days in BUN.  People in this project do not understand me at all.  I am wondering why some people can earn respect just like that.  As for me, my moment has yet to come.  Wonder what will happen when my whole army of subordinate arrives.

Argument and argument.  Don’t really think that Kenny and I can mix well with each other.  Fighting for power, I suppose.

Tonight, our group has become Lily, Yen Pin, Jason and me.  Wondering if Lily is having her own social circle at all.  Maybe, just maybe, since she is from New Zealand and come to KL because of her loved one.  Something like last thing I have decided to come to Singapore because of my ex-loved one.

Know My Place

Sunday, that is.  Forced myself to wake up this morning.  Accompanied the maid and bought some household stuffs.  Went over BUN and worked a while.  CC called me back to chop up the chicken.  We all have a lunch gathering.  Then I went back to work a while and they all watched VCD.

Seeing CC and her boyfriend being so close hurt me so much.  But I must always remember I am the third party and not the one in her heart.

On This Day I Was Born


Yep, my birthday.

Had a few birthday emails and the ladies in our team have bought me a birthday cake.  Also had a lunch appointment with the BUN (functional?) team.  A very nice restaurant serving Indonesian food.  I was travelling with two ladies (even eating) and it was easy at all.  Must try to be fair to Balqais and CC.  Hence when I took food, I served the left and right first (or right and left).

And at night, I dined with CC. Just the two of us.

Many reasons to love here.  Many.

A Day of Food Adventure

Okay, today I feel a lot better.  I didn’t approach CC just because she has offended me yesterday.  She was very direct and I shall be better in listening to criticism.

Lunch time, Balquais suggested going to one of the oldest Japanese restaurant in Jakarta.  Getting there was really tough as the driver didn’t know where was the place we were referring to.  I still remember it was Chikini IV.

The food was quite cheap.  And because I was so warm and friendly, the waitresses all laughed at me.  They are nice people.  Then we went to AC Jakarta.  Quite an impressive office (very new).

At night?  Well, had a Chinese meal (very cheap beer, so far) and had a (terrible) dessert at Fashion Café.  They claimed that one will be open in Singapore next year.  We shall see.  The food is quite bad tough.

Went to gym again and accompany Balquais back to BUN and get her organiser (tomorrow needs to get up and go Bali).  She was so happy when I said there is no problem at all.

Take in One to Forget One

Another day of Minesweeper.  What to do?  We weren’t sure if we are going to continue the Jakarta project but today, it seems to work out slowly.  One thing about AC is that you will never know what happen next.

Had a quick lunch in McDonald’s and I guess CC was very happy about as she has been proposing going McDonald’s in the past one week.

We had a drink with one of the VP from BUN.  I drank quite a lot (free).  Three beers and a Martini double. And I am still fine.  We joke that CC has become my wife and so on.  I think I better stop myself thinking about her.  Who is JP by the way?  I have totally forgotten the whole business.  I guess Grace is right in saying that there are a lot of ‘fish’ out there.