Mom’s Always Right

Black Friday and therefore, I stayed at home the whole day.  Thanks to Lora’s Internet account, I spent a few hours surfing the net.  Interesting enough, I got into the Singapore government website.  Found most I need from HDB and ROC.  Feel really happy.  Oh so happy.

Still fighting hard to stay away from nicotine.  Kind of hard this time.  It gets harder and harder each time.  God, I know a much stronger will.

Tomorrow lunch, I shall be meeting with a large group of Oxford HK Gang.  (Joked with Annie that I have been expelled from Oxford Sing Gang.)  Maybe I shall feel a lot better after I break the news to the whole world.

Now, I don’t really miss her that much.  I hate her for bringing me so many problems.  But on the other hands, as my Mum said, it is better to get a house of my own.  Things can get really complicated on ownership alone.  Parents always right.