A Girl Called Autumn

Second day of IBSS and to issue SIR is just my speciality.  My team-mate (an Irish – Cairan) and me, we just get along.  I mean we speak in the same language.  And the class?  Just a laugh for us.  The only thing we learn is possibly the “Advance AC Methodology (Terminology)”.

One girl called Autumn.  Isn’t that a very nice name?

Saw Derek from time to time but I am not really into making friend with him.  Not the same kind of buddy, I guess.

Went to Charles Town Mall again.  Bought the (hard covered) book – Men are from Mars … Think it’s too late to rekindle the relationship but maybe it’s a good idea to prepare myself for the “next” one.

Been thinking of how many postcards shall I send to SocGen.  Either include everybody or exclude a few (because I don’t know the names).  Really a headache.  Maybe I shall decide on Friday instead.

Pizza and beer at the social centre.  Same thing.  And we dropped by and said hi to Cairan.  That guy is really into blond girls.  And I said: Happy hunting.  And he said: I’ll send you the progress report.

Really wanted to buy the board game “Axis and Allies” but it is (a) nobody to play with me and (b) too bulking to bring back.  And when Colin volunteered to bring back for me, I think it is (c) quite expensive.  Must control my expenses.