I Clocked 320km This Weekend

One in the afternoon left the apartment.  Driving down to KL and lost way here and there.  But not too bad, after finding the right track, all the way right into the BB Plaza.  Pretty proud of myself.  Walking around the shopping centre and got bored.  Had a cup of coffee and started driving around KL aimlessly.  Though it is a good practice in order to get to know this big city.  Bought a compass and it kind of helps a little bit.

Throughout this weekend, I clocked 320 km. Not too bad.

First Time I Gave Training

Today was the big day for me because it was the first time I gave training.  I have always wanted to give lecture and so on.  And finally it came true.  I thoroughly enjoyed it.  Funny thing was at some point in time, some of my clients actually feeling very tired but I hoped I have made it interesting enough to keep them awake.  It was after all, a very good experience.

And I have bought the Bee Gee’s new album.  I love the song “Alone”.  Kind of suit my lifestyle right now.

Claude took me to a restaurant and told me that it would be good.  It was Fauchon.  There was one in Singapore (Christmas diner, remember?)  The atmosphere was very good.  Very yellow and light colored. Candles and large plants.  And it was very expensive too.

Suddenly feel very tired and feel like falling sick again.  Oh, no.