Saying Bye Bye to All My Sadness, Okay?

Last day of the month.  Hopefully a new beginning for me.

Got up late (11:30) and packed up as today was supposed to be the last day of my holiday.  And the most annoying thing was that the weather was so good.  It was so sunny.

I had a homemade lunch and left the hotel after one.  Waited for the train to depart for 2 ½ hours.  What’s new?  I was so glad that I returned to Paris.  Kind of really miss the luxury lifestyle.

I was craving for Japanese food and guess what, I found the one I wanted in the Paris Center.  In the end I found that the “owners” actually speak Cantonese.  Really thought they are Japanese.  In fact, they came from Macau 12 years ago.  Isn’t that amazing?

And in time to watch the movie “Donnie Brasco”.  When I ordered the ticket, I spoke in French and that guy said something in French.  Of course I didn’t understand.  In the end, I found that he wanted to ask if I am a student.  Am I look that young?

The show was great.  After all, it was Al Pacino.  My all time favorite star on Earth.  I understood the show “perfectly” until the end.  The ending was in text and it was all in French.  Kind of very annoying.  Must ask Aurore tomorrow morning as she watched the show (because of Johnny Depp).

During this trip, I have learnt something but it is too late now to talk about it.  Will write more later on.

Say bye bye to all my sadness, okay?

What Can We Do Without Friends?

Today was probably the best weekend I had so far.  My good buddy Mohamed has come out and met up with me.  He rang me up at midday (as promised) and told me that although Claude would not be able to join us tonight, he would be able to join me for the evening.  I was so delighted as I was expecting that he would say no.  And it took us 5 minutes to decide where to meet (as I don’t know Paris that well). I n the end, we decided to meet up at Chatelet FNAC.

We then took a walk to Saint Michel and in the end, we agreed to have Italian food.  At first he told me that’s up to me and I replied him that I have been deciding where to go for food for the past don’t know how many nights, I would not decide tonight.  And there you go, we had Italian food.  The meal I would say was nothing fantastic at all but hey, I have a company.

And surprisingly, he didn’t want to go back home immediately after the meal and he even suggested going for a show.  Wow! And this time  I chose to watch Al Pacino’s “Looking for Richard”. (I asked Mohamed after we have been seated, “When was the last time you watched a movie.” He replied, “5 years ago”.)

I am a big fan of Al Pacino so to me, the show was great.  You could really sit down for 2 hours simply appreciating his acting.  Shakespeare’s work may somehow sound boring, but not this one.  One may think that it is a documentary more than a film.  I agree that there is certainly some element of documentary but without doing so, I don’t think more than 90% of the audience will enjoy it.  The switch between the play and real life dialogue was fantastic.  Everything at the right moment.

So what have I done today?  Well, bought some fruit and actually seriously hunting (shopping) for a scarf and a pair of gloves and couldn’t find anyone I like.  Maybe next weekend.