A Good Relationship is Give and Take

A very productive day.  5 SIR down the tube.

After lunch, while we walked back to the office, we saw a rabbit right hiding in the bush in from of the building.  And during the afternoon, the porter was trying to catch it (I saw it during the coffee break).   Later on, I had a chat with the porter and found that they believed that the rabbit is a domestic one and it will not be able to survive in the cold.  The funny thing is they are going to form a team and catch it during the weekend.  One of the secretary wanted to keep it.

Today, we have the King’s Pie again.  It was at the SocGen Tower (the main one) and the pie definitely tasted a lot better (as it was hot) than the last one.  The Tower is really fascinating.  There is a big, huge artistic thing hanging in the air and guess what underneath.  A “pool”.  Today, me and Wilfrid (Paris) while admiring the thing, actually stepped into the “pool” as it really look like mirror floor.

In the end, I decided to have dinner in the hotel and beside me sat an old couple from Ireland (but without Irish accent).  We talked and interesting enough, they have married for 31 year.  And the lady’s parent actually married for 60 years.  I asked what is the secret in keeping such a good relationship and they told me that it is give and take.  You can’t just win every battle.  I guess they are right.

Choosing between Mylene Farmer and a Night Out with Friends

I woke up in the morning, on my TV and guess what?  I saw one Mylene Farmer’s music video one after the other.  It is a cable TV, MCM, and today was supposed to be Mylene Farmer Special Day (or something like that).  I watched until I have missed my breakfast and I was late for 15 minutes.

I was supposed to dine with Claude and Mohamed tonight and I was contemplating on whether I should stay at the hotel and watched the Mylene Farmer concert at 7:30 pm.  In the end, I chose to go out with them as very seldom I can dine with someone.

It was Arabic food.  A very small but popular restaurant.  Claude was treating and Mohamed insisted on giving him back FF100.  As for me, I “treated” them the desert at Haagen-Dazs. 

And I have spent most of night surfing the net.  It is very addictive.  And it wasn’t anything erotic at all.  It was Mylene Farmer’s Web Pages.

Thinking of getting a flat in year 2000 really excited me as I really sick of renting already.  I want a home of myself, in the very near future.  So far, I still believe in dream hard, hope hard and it may come true.

Luxury in Paris

Same old story. I slept late last night and hence, I felt quite bad this morning.  Nevertheless, I had a great breakfast at 08:55.  Luxury can only be happened in Paris.

In terms of work, it is again the same old story.  Got a few bugs off the list.  Transfer knowledge to Wilfrid (Paris), whom called himself Willy.  They told me that they have requested a PC for me and will come maybe next week.

Tonight was quite a different night.  Couldn’t believe that I have spent more than one hour walking around in Paris looking for a restaurant and finally ended up where I started from and had American Food.  The food was no good and I didn’t enjoy.  I enjoyed the cocktail though, as I am quite sick of the French food.

Watched a movie, “The Portrait of a Lady” and didn’t understand a single.  But I love Nicole Kidman, so what the hell.  I watched a show that has my favorite star in it.

Useful to Have a Wife and a Mistress

OK, so today was Sunday.  I have only discovered a bottle of Champagne in my the other room this morning and of course, I saved the bottle and the glass for later occasion.

A very gloomy day.  As always, the day passed by fairly fast.  The more I stayed in my new office, the most I missed the old one.  One day I may just tell Aurore that I want to move back to the big old one, with Mohamed, my buddy.

Today we had a meeting.  Indeed a very interest one.  I suppose I have done this against my profession. They were discussing the European Dollar.  During 1999 to 2004, customers can choose to have their transaction in ECC or FF.  Beyond 2004, FF will be replaced by ECC.  I think my company would like to charge them for my advice.  But I just want to learn more.

Today I went off with Mohamed, his friend Philip and Nicolas.  When four men together, what else will it be ? They were very interested in talking about women.  I guess everywhere is always the same.  Mohamed told me that it is very “useful” in France to have two women.  One is wife and the other is mistress.  I was kind of confused as I have never thought this is ever useful.  Maybe pleasurable.  In the end, he meant to say “usual”.

And before we boarded the train, Mohamed told me that VISION is his dream.  Then I replied, “I thought women is your dream.”  He then said, “No, it is VISION.”  And I said, “No, you should dream about women instead”.  In the end, Philip clarified that what Mohamed meant was “nightmare”.

Ice Cream Saved My Weekend?

I hated this weekend.  Nothing worked out fine to me.  Phone call to JP yesterday was a disastrous when it came into money matter.  Today I could not find her.  Phone call to my Mum this afternoon was even worst.  I am fed up with all the family matter.

Yesterday I was “rejected” from a restaurant (Lunch) because I was a bit too late.  I swear the waitress said that the restaurant only served desert right now.  If only I knew French.  Today I went up earlier and they don’t open on Sunday.

Today’s lunch was different.  I went into this Cafeteria, self-serviced type.  So I just have to pick any food I like.  Happened to pick the steak and chips, one roll, a fresh Pineapple (Don’t understand why nowadays I love fresh fruit so much.), and a Pepsi Max.  The counter (French Lady) was very friendly as I asked for some butter.  Very abnormal but I guess some people will treat others better regardless of color.  And I sat inside for a few hours, reading a novel.  The steak was half cooked (French doesn’t like to cook things thoroughly) and I did not finish the food at all.

And I wanted to watch a movie.  As I could not pronounce the title, so I wrote it in a piece of paper.  But they all thought I wanted to watch the Night Club Show (LIDO).  Stupid French.  And then I moved onto the next one, and it was full.  Treated myself some good ice cream in Haagen-Dazs (Etoile) instead.