Happy Chinese New Year

Happy Chinese New Year!  When I walked into the office, some of my clients actually knew that today was the Chinese New Year.  According to them, it was being broadcast on the radio.  I wore red shirt and red tie, just to look very “traditional”.

Today was not so good for Aurore as she had locked herself out.  Lucky her landlord does have the spare key.  As for me, I was such a good day before I received a new SIR from Noubi.  What a bastard!  Usually when a SIR is closed, he would write, “Attn : Wilfrid. This is to inform you that <SIR#> has been successfully tested, and can be closed.”  Being so bored with seeing this all the time, me and Mohamed composed this, “Attn : Noubi. This is to inform you that <SIR#> has been successfully installed, and can be tested.”  And he actually issued a SIR on this Microsoft Mail Message.  The SIR said something like, first the information “Noubi” was duplicated (as it is in the header as well) and said that it should read, “tested successfully” instead.  I was so pissed off that I went straight to Aurore and told her that that guy was crazy and needed some help.  In the end it was supposed to be a joke between Noubi and Mohamed and of course, Mohamed did not appreciate the joke either, and neither did Aurore.  God, that fellow needs some HELP.

And met my Aunt and Uncle for dinner tonight.

Business Lunch

Nothing can stop me.  My VISION knowledge seems to have increased quite a fair bit and I am afraid on nothing.  Today, I showed Mohamed how to debug one of the SIR and surely he was impressed.

Lunch time, I joined the MUE team (20 people) and had a FF 120 lunch.  Probably one of the best lunch I had so far in Paris.  Opposite me sat Nicolas, who is willing to converse in English.  Beside me were two French ladies, who was also willing to converse in English.  In fact, the one next to me has been to UK (LSE) for 1 year and she loved everything except France.  Weird, isn’t it?  I thought French are always very proud of their culture.

Basically, the MUE team consists of all the technical people on the 7th floor and the “INTL” on the 8th floor.  In fact the funny thing is, INTL dressed a lot smarter and most of them are lady.

Stressed with Work

Erm, what happened today? Well, I remembered beginning with the day with a very positive attitude and somehow, after lunch, I was very stressed up with the Collateral Module and the Interest Accrued (yes, doesn’t work again) plus the Profitability Programs.  Wow, just all at one go and made me really mad.

And I had to rush off for a hair cut appointment.  Have to say one of the best haircut I ever had. What to say, French are artistic.

And I had to sort out my receipts.  Really painful.  In conclusion, I am not good at accounting at all.

Of Waitresses at Planet Hollywood and Richard

Okay, last night I was totally drunk, probably because of the good rose wine.  I went to bed at half past nine.  Not a bad consequence at all!  And this morning I was wide awaken.  And found myself to be extremely productive and pleasant.  Maybe I shall continue this bad and good habit (drinking wine and sleep early).

Aurore was back after her one week skiing.  Michel was on leave, probably be back next Monday.  Funny thing was he left quite in a hurry, claiming to be personal reason.  And just minutes after he left, his wife called and asked for him.  Oh well, the guys back in the office thought that he has a mistress somewhere and the mistress may threaten, “If you can’t be with me for a week, I will leave you!”  What a laugh after all.

And I went to Planet Hollywood tonight and indeed I found my Internet friend, Richard (joke : “Looking for Richard”).  Afterwards, he told me that when I walked in, he was wondering whether he should just come up and said hi.  He looked just like a Brit!  Medium hair and the very strong British accent.  And funny thing was he knew that one of the waitress, Henriette (Danish), has served me long before (as her name was on the receipt).  And he introduced Henriette to me.  Wow, what a woman!  Slim and very fair, but a bit cold though.  Nothing compare to the French who served my table, Stephie.  Her smile really lit up my life!  Anyway, I was really enjoy my meal there as the waiters and waitresses had acknowledged my presence.  I really felt good and left FF20 as tips.