French Loves to Flirt?

Got an Email from Grace this morning saying that they are planning to visit Euro-Disney.  Wow!  I mean how I have been looking forward to have someone to come with me and it is such a “family” thing.  Been alone for too long.

Listen to this, the people working in Societe Generale has one mentality – that is to flirt (f**k) around.  And according to Mohamed (who believe in only two kinds of woman, one is “goat” or “animal” and the other one is “feeling” and “sentiment”), people just stay together for a while and break up.  What a culture!

Grace is thinking of getting me into BNP.  Well, do I really want it?  I don’t know.  Really don’t know.  Bridgit Fonda was on Tonight Show.  What a girl!  I have never seem someone so naturally feminine in my life (except my girlfriend when I first knew her).

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When men get together, there is only one single topic that goes across all language and culture barriers. You know what I mean. No need to spell it out.

According to my clients (you know where they come from), there are only two types of women existing in this breathing world. The “goat” and the “sentimental”. Well, to translate to English, I think they meant “slut” and “angel”. I was a bit confused, so I asked them to educate me. The “goat” inevitably behaves in an “animal” way. And I do think this is very pictorial and easily understood. (Got to admit that they are very direct with this!) They are the ones just meet and do it, in a primitive way.

The “sentimental” type is harder for me to swallow. They are the ones who have “feeling” with the partners they are with, even though they may be having two or more at the same time. So to translate, I think one is called “One Night Stand” and the other is called “Affairs”. No wonder they told me that it is very “usual” that men are having more than one woman at the same time here. And it is very “common” for colleagues to this thing each other.

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One fine evening, I was (unfortunately) working late with one client. He is darker than me so I call him Muddy in here.

Muddy : Your enemy’s enemy is your enemy.
Me : What!? I think you are wrong!
Muddy :
Me : I think your enemy’s enemy is your friend. (0,0)=1
Muddy : Nope. It’s enemy.
Me : Okay, your friend’s friend is your friend, right? (1,1)=1
Muddy :
Me : Your friend’s enemy is your enemy. (1,0)=0
Muddy :
Me : Your enemy’s friend is your enemy. (0,1)=0
Muddy :

Note : In PERFECT model, we have Logic Negate Exclusive OR (N-XOR).

It took me a while to take in all the negation and when I relate this into real life, and real experience, I seemed to have thought otherwise.

Me : Okay, let’s be frank. Your enemy’s friend could be your friend. (0,1)=1
Muddy : Maybe.
Me : And your friend’s enemy could be your friend. (1,0)=1
Muddy : Maybe.
Me : And your friend’s friend could be your enemy! (1,1)=0
Muddy : Maybe.
Me : So your enemy’s enemy could be your friend! (0,0)=1
Muddy : See, you’ve learnt! Ho! Ho!

Note : In REALITY model, we have Logic Negate AND (NAND).

Are we just bored or what!!

Exercise : Try this. If I say that (perfect model) your lover’s lover is you and your ex-lover’s ex-lover is also you, try out all other cases. And in reality model, we may have, your lover’s lover could be him. Try that out as well. Answer attached.

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Probably you are sick with all the comparison so I will keep it short.

When someone is too demanding, I may said, “He drained me out”. That is to say he has drained all my energy out of my mind or body. But the French will said, “He pumped me up”. Drain and pump is so fundamentally different and the only thing that is possibly fundamentally similar is that in both cases, I am being referred as a water tank.

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The long awaiting U2 album is due to be out sometime in March. Always heard the new single “Discotheque” on air, truly techno in a U2 style. They still claim that it is a rock album but we have to wait and see in March.

David Bowie, just turned 50, is getting more weird. With the new album called, “Earthling”, and personally I don’t think you’ve heard anything like that. Any of you heard of “Little Wonder”, just wonder how the hell they remix the whole damn song.

Cyndi Lauper just came out a new album. She wrote the whole album with her band-mate Jane (I think) and it’s kind of modern. Mind you, her high pitch voice is still there.

Don’t watch “The Crow – The City of Angel” unless you are a big fan of the comic.

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Ever since I arrived in this dreamland, I have commit all the 7 deadly sins. I eat like a pig and every night has this nightmare of being haunted by the cows, lambs and ducks which I had consumed during daytime. Hence, gluttony. I sleep like a pig during weekends and wake up at 8 am in the morning. Hence, sloth. With all the bugs in the system, I raged. As I am the only one who is qualified to say, “Hey man. I know a bug when I see one. This is NOT a bug”, I fantasized myself as superman, hence pride. Too much cyber sex and detail skipped, is that lust? My quality of life seems to have improved quite dramatically but I am still not happy at all. Right now I demand an international phone on my desk (and probably won’t get it), that is greed.

Lastly, I ENVY you guys back home eating all the home cook food and all those beautiful curry chicken and Dim Sum. Hey, next time when you cannot finish your food, think about ME. Someone somewhere is dying to taste what you are about to throw away. GET THAT??

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Answer for message 2.

[Perfect Model]

Your lover’s lover is you. (1,1)=1
Your ex-lover’s ex-lover is you. (0,0)=1
Your lover’s ex-lover is him. (1,0)=0
Your ex-lover’s lover is him. (0,1)=0

[Reality Model]

Your ex-lover’s ex-lover could be you. (0,0)=1
Your lover’s ex-lover could be you. (1,0)=1
Your ex-lover’s lover could be you. (0,1)=1
Your lover’s lover could be him!! (1,1)=0

I’m an Idiot

Yesterday I felt like a superhuman, today I felt like an idiot.  Well, I think I still have a lot to learn in real working life.

Aurore and Noubi was not with me the whole day as they had a demo to do with the Spanish.  Sophie was sick so I was pretty freed of distraction.  Had a nice phone call with my girlfriend and the Florist drove me insane. I still couldn’t get hold of them.

Stayed late quite a fair bit with Mohamed and Wilfrid (French) and finally found that they run a wrong version of VTF, as I had suspected.

More SIRs

Today, I had the best mood.  I have replied 10 SIR.  My ever best record and the whole day I was so wild.  Felt like a superhuman.  And I got to listen to the new Cyndi Lauper Album.  I think I really like it.  And I finally found the novel, “Emma”, in one of the record store.  Great day, isn’t it?

Michel was back after his one week sudden departure.  And everything is just the same as they were.

This is My Life

I definitely I have been deeply affected by “The Crow” way of life.  Got up at 2 in the afternoon and ordered a bouquet of roses for JP in the coming Valentine Day.  Had a nice shower and read my classic novel with nice kind of music.  Faint sunlight came quietly into my room.  Sitting comfortably by the bed and I was thinking to myself.  This is definitely my kind of lifestyle.  I begin to find myself.