Shame on Me

Shame on me!  Shame on me!

I have completely lost my self-control today.  Apparently, today we were supposed to kick off the Spot Advice SIR but both Mohamed and Claude were busy doing something I don’t know.  But I was very angry.  So I taught Willie everything in one day.  Report Writer, Stored Procedures and so on.  And I return to my evil self towards the end of the day and made Mohamed very very angry.  For that I deeply regret.

Why do I always mess up every relationship?  Why can’t I have a long term friendship.  I thought I start afresh every time I change environment.  But that is not happening.  Am I born to be a loner?  But why?  Why?

Watched a show called ‘Crucible’.  Very dark movie.

A Day of Triviality

Planned to wake up at 9 this morning, ended up waking up at midday.  Rushed all the way to JP’s place, found that the car was out.  So we had our lunch, slept for a while, and waited for the car.  By the time we hit Yaohan, it was about 4 pm.  The first thing I found was the Polo Luggage bag.  A very cool looking one and definitely my loving.  Come to think of it, I have been quite lucky during this period of time.  I got a lovely CD player and a lovely luggage bag.

I have got to write this down in my diary.  Do not attempt to park the car in AMK during a Sunday night.  We tried parking the car for half an hour and we just gave up in the end.

Now that all the CDs, photo albums and important documents is in JP’s place (plus throwing away all my rubbish), my place seem to become very empty.  Ready to move.

Tonight will be the first night for me to use a dental floss.  I will tell you the feeling later on.