A Path to Reconciliation?

Read the news from Reuters today that Singapore Senior Minister and Malaysia Prime Minister resume the path to improve relationship between the two countries. This is indeed good news. I still remember that some point in the past I was very much affected by the deterioration of our relationship with the Malaysian counterpart. There are so much at stake. And since I am rooted in Singapore, I do very much like to see that water still coming in together with many other things.

I seriously do like Badawi. Much better than that Dr. Who.

Upstairs Neighbour Having Fun in the Middle of the Night

Back in UK while I was staying at the accomodation provided by the University, it was quite common to hear the “bed squeaking sound” from upstairs. Occasionally you would hear the sound of moaning. Those were the days.

It is Singapore. Even when I was living in a government housing block, I did not get to hear the “music” from upstairs. Last night however, in the condo of mine, the “bed squeaking sound” just appeared from no where. Do I have new neighbour moving in after months of vacancy?

When I went to bed last night, because the weather was quite cool, I didn’t turn on the air-con. And it was this quietness did I realise my newly occupied neighbours from upstairs were having fun of their own.

My mind was actually drifted back to my Oxford days. I remembered the block where I was staying. The coldness. The darkness. The foreigness. All the oh so sweet memories. What can I say? Golden age of mine.

The pattern from upstairs was interesting. Seemed to me that there were plenty of resting between the actions. Actually I was not paying attention to what was happening upstairs. My mind was flooded with memory.

Before I know it, I heard the footsteps towards the bathroom and water was flowing down the bath tub pipe.

And that was when I fell asleep.

Of Nuclear Transfer and Transgene Technologies

Been a very tiring day (last night’s party) and didn’t really work for the whole day.  Meeting here and meeting there.  Politics and gossips and so on.  Enhancement and bug talk.  You name it.  Lunch time rushed down to “New Men” and collected my pair of trousers.   Japanese for dinner.  What else?  Brought a pair of sport shoes and I am ready to go for my holiday.  One more thing, finally had my haircut appointment.  Still no news from JP.  Probably she has forgotten me.  Wanted to dial in Lotus Notes but the server in Paris does not respond.

Check this out.  The Nuclear Transfer Technology.

The technique involves several steps.  First, the donor cells are grown under special conditions in culture.  In this way the number of cells can be increased by several orders of magnitude.  It is also possible to make genetic modifications and to select just those cells in which the desired modification has occurred and multiply these up.  These cells are then fused with an unfertilized egg from which the introduced nucleus can lead to the formation of an embryo.  The embryos are then transplanted into sheep and lambs are born naturally.

  1. Cells of donor embryo are separated
  2. Chromosomes are removed from the unfertilized egg
  3. Donor cell is place next to oocyte and fused it with an electric current
  4. Embryo develops as though a newly fertilized egg

Check this out as well.  The Transgene Technology

Transgenic technology is the introduction of a gene(s) from one species into the DNA of another.  In the current methods for production of transgenic animals, the gene of interest is introduced into a fertilised egg and becomes integrated into the host DNA.  The gene is linked to a piece of DNA, called the promoter, which makes it active only in certain parts of the transgenic animal.  In PPL Therapeutics’ case, genes encoding human proteins are expressed so that the protein is produced in the animal’s milk.  Because the protein is produced only in the milk, the animal is normal and healthy.

Galileo Probe and Jupiter’s Moons

Woke up at 2 pm.  Actually planned to wake up at 7:30 am to watch “The Rock” again but couldn’t get up.  Had a lazy shower and ordered a light snack room service.  Felt good at that time.

The best thing that could happen to me on a Saturday Afternoon was that when I opened my email box, ten messages were waiting for me.  I had some good feedback for my story on McDonald’s.  Sam had quitted the firm.  What a pity.

Surfed the Net for a while looking for “Feminism” staffs.  Kind of interesting and of course, the Galileo Probe Image of Jupiter.  Awesome. Here are the extract from CNN news.

Over the past seven months, Galileo has explored each of Jupiter’s four largest moons.  According to its findings, Io and Europa are made of rock, while Ganymede and Callisto are icy — 60 percent rock and 40 percent ice.

But as scientists understand better what’s inside these moons, Ganymede looks more like Io.  They both have iron cores.

So while on the surface Io and Ganymede are very different objects, their interiors are quite similar.

Ganymede, three-quarter the size of Mars at 3,269 miles across, has ridges, icy grooves and craters that hint at an Earthlike crust that pulls apart and fills in with flowing rock.

Watched the film, “One Fine Day”.  I laughed all the way.  Pity that nobody (esp. my girlfriend) as that would have been a very nice film to watch with your partner.

A Weekend Full Of Online Chat

What a weekend !  A weekend without daylight.  The chat line is very additive.  I just hooked onto it for hours.  So ended up going to sleep at 7 in the morning and woke up not seeing the daylight.

First night I logged in as “New Wilf 97”, toured around and nothing really fantastic.  Second night I logged in as “Etoile 97” and that caught most attention from the French (as Etoile means star in French).  I intended to hide my sex and see what happened.  Guess what, most of them thought I am a lady !  Glad to talk to the French about Mylene Farmer and they told me that she is a bisexual.  Doesn’t bother me really.  And my favorite topic of that night was relationship.  One guy told me that he worked in a pub before and met this waitress in the same pub.  I guess they kissed but according to him, still not sure.  So I gave advice like go shopping with her, buy flower and so on.  In the end, he was certain that I was a “she” and I didn’t tell him in the end. (Note : few weeks later as I chatted with him again, he managed to get more attention from her.  Thanks to me!)

And I was chatting with someone called “Paris”.  In fact on that night, I dined in Planet Hollywood and coincidentally he was one of the waiter.  He is from UK and we chatted quiet a fair bit.  Talking about long legs waitress in Planet Hollywood and so on.

And the most fun was last night in which in nicknamed as “GoodBoy”.  In the room of “Mr/Ms Right”, I chatted with an American girl named “Lilly”, a British called “Tugger” and a New Zealand guy called “Alan”.  It was so much fun and I missed them all.  I called Tugger Fish & Chips and called Alan, Kiwi.  Our topic ranged from movies to music to cycling to books to relationship.  Tugger told me that he is divorcing and I asked how come.  He told me that he and his ex-wife were very good friend and they marred for the wrong reason.  I asked, “Child ?” and he said yes.  But he felt a long better now and still go out with he ex as good friends.  Hard to believe, isn’t it ?