I saw Stefanie Sun in HMV Orchard!

It has been a long and hard day for me so I was in need of some destress. Retail therapy I did. After I made payment at HMV Orchard, I sensed that a lot of people were looking at my direction. I looked around and saw someone resembled Stefanie Sun. After some careful observation, it was her.

I texted my friends about this exciting discovery. Some of them wished to be there. Some of them asked me if I have bought a CD of hers and asked for an autograph (duh? why didn’t I?). Some of them asked me how she looked like.

Well, she is short, her skin is as what some may have already know – not that good, but she is sweetly adorable. I did a search at Yahoo! and found that she is even featured at an Encyclopedia.

And by the way, someone has told me that gold colour is the “in-thing”. Stefanie Sun was indeed carrying a big golden coloured handbag.

Realplayer For Real?!

I came across an album by Miho Karasawa and wish to check out her materials in the Internet. Turned out that I needed to install a Realplayer. After launching the Realplayer, I was greeted with many interesting movie titles such as: Love for Sale, My Sister the Geisha, Favourite Body Parts, Why Men Pay For It.

I clicked onto Love For Sale – L.A. Story and watched the trailer (to play the video, I will need a pass). Dialogue as follows:

Interviewee (girl) – “Women should be coming in no more than {paused} seven minutes. If you’re longer than seven minutes, you need my help. You need to come to me {pause}, ya. ”

Interviewer (girl) – “Where do you get seven minutes from?”

Interviewee – “That is about the point when you start to getting frustrated. If I am doing it, and I can’t come in a {paused}, I am usually like a two or three minutes girl. But if I can’t come in like seven minutes, for the first one, then I will get really frustrated. So I would {pause} say that, using me as the model, if I can, you know, if it takes you fourteen minutes to come, I can show you techniques that can cut that time in half.”

Now, I wonder what that technique is.

Where Not to Buy Musical Equipment

Shop name: Sinamex
Address: Parklane Shopping Mall

Recently my wife and I have experienced some electric shock with our bass and electric guitar and after some first level troubleshooting, I suspected that it was the mixer that gave me the problem. Called Sinamex and the technical support asked me to bring the set back for diagnosis. Fine. I was so happy that the support was so helpful.

Bad luck for me, the support guy was not in. The boss was so totally cocky. After a very simplistic diagnosis and could not replicate the problem, here was some of the dialogues.

Poor Customer: (long explanation why I think it could due to a faulty mixer)
Cocky Boss: This is X-file.
Poor Customer: (felt like punching him on his face) X-file doesn’t exist man …
Cocky Boss: You bring it back and most likely it will be fine
Poor Customer: (tried once more to reason with him)
Cocky Boss: Do you play in church?
Poor Customer: (huh? does it matter?) No.

Poor Customer: Don’t you have some more sophisticated tools to diagnose the circuitary?
Cocky Boss: We have a set of diagnostic steps but I don’t see the problem.
Poor Customer: (ah, he is referring to the troubleshooting section in the manul … so much for their help) But I am really feeling the shock man …
Cocky Boss: It is impossible (giving me another X-file look)

And I walked away.

Jap Restaurant + Rome (HBO)

I lived by inspiration and when it strikes, there is no stopping me from doing it. Just like that, I have braved the super traffic jam of Orchard to my destination at Taka. Well, before I go on, I must say the road planning in Singapore sucks. God knows how many cars travel from CBD to Taka and the number of vehicles changing lanes on that route is phenomenon. And you need to pay ERP somemore. Great brains we have in Singapore.

Anyway, Taka carpark was full so we, again, braved the traffic jam and parked at Wheelock Place. What did I want from Taka? No idea. My inspiration didn’t say. So we spent 75 mins on the road and had no idea what we were supposed to do.

We ended up in the same Japanese restaurant that TK has took us to a while back. Atmosphere was great with dim lighting and Japan-ish images projected onto white walls. The waitresses are efficient and … pretty. And the food quality is good. It is a fusion type. Worth a try. Price-wise, the menu has something relatively cheep (like S$11 for a bowl of chicken rice – Japanese style of course) to something I can’t afford. The Sake is pretty bad though by the way.

Restaurant Name: Sun with Moon
Tel: 6733-6636

Rushed home for the HBO original series ROME. Now, that is a great show. Half way through the show (each episode is 50 mins and we are onto the 6th-ish one), I said to my wife: hey, this show is less about Caesar and his war. And my wife – an avid reader of Life!, OK!, People! – told me that what so original about this movie is that it is presented from the commoners’ perspective.

The dialogue is very funny. Like a guy said to his fellow solder: my wife doesn’t couple with me anymore. Or … this one is the best … the mother asked her son: Son, have you penetrated anyone yet? Her son hesitated and replied: No. And the mother sent a solder to take the son to a whore house. How I wish I had a mother like that …


2 Interesting Observations the Other Day

Yesterday as I was driving along the highway, my wife suddenly spoke up: Look! There is someone jogging along CTE (the highway in Singapore). I said: What? Are you sure? Is he in jogging attire? According to my wife, the jogger was an Indian man of age about forty-ish under bright daylight (really hot). Good luck to his lungs with all the pollutants and all.

When I arrived at the client site, I finally took up the honour to turn on the air-conditioner (all the time my colleague arrives before I do) and right after the air-conditioner kicked into action, I heard popping sound that resembled the popcorn making machine. How weird? Then, all of a sudden, I felt some particles hitting my face. And whatever hit my face has a chilling effect. Next, I began to see particles bouncing on the table top like marbles onto the floor. Soon, it was wetness everywhere.

Only then did I realise that the air-conditioner was shooting small ice particles. When I mentioned to my colleague later on, she told me that it is normal and happens all the time when she turned on the air-conditioner every morning.

In the end, I gathered that when the air-conditioner is turned off, the blower is off but the motor that circulates the coolant is not. The end result is that the part near the blower became very cold and ice is formed. When the air-conditioner is turned on every morning, the blower blows the ice particles out from the air-conditioner.

Interesting observations I have for a day.