How WoW Affected My Life

Every tuesday from 10pm till 3am, all the US World of Warcraft (WoW) servers are down for maintenance. So I always joke with my WoW gaming buddy in Singapore that tuesday is a “off” day for us.

In restropect, ever since I started playing WoW, I have saved a lot of money. For instance, I drop all the movie and dinner sessions (S$30 to S$40 per week) because I always rush home after work. Drinking sessions (S$30 to S$40). I get to eat early because once I started playing, I hardly have time to even visit the bathroom. I don’t need to spend money on any other form of entertainment (such as books, new computer games, and so on). I have maximised the usage of broadband Internet access and surely brought down the dollar paid per hour of usage. And last by not the least, my wife will have a peace in mind that I am always home after work each and everyday.

The game has affected me in many ways. From the most trivial of confusing real life with WoW life to the more serious case of dreaming inside the WoW after logging out from the game.

One day sending my wife to the airport, I stared at the orange sun on a cloudy sky and I exclaimed: Look, the sun just looks like the one in World of Warcraft! My wife’s immediate response was: Hey, it’s the other way round! The sun in WoW looks like the one in real life!


More dramatically, one night my wife felt warm and passed the teddy bear onto my side. That was in real life. In my dream, I saw an attack of a bear (very common in WoW) so I quickly cast a flame blast in close encounter while in real life, I overthrew the blanket knocking the teddy bear away. In my dream, the next response was to retreat backward and prepare for a fireball. And so I did, in real life. I back up all the way to the door and that was when I heard my wife said: It’s me.

The fact that the quest system in WoW is designed so successfully does not help either. I have perpetually a list of to-do quests and one quest leads to another. That is what I have been thinking of the whole day, wanting to return to the WoW world.

Of course, while bored during day time, it is best to daydream about all the sweet moments I have with people online. Nothing beats the friendship of people helping each other from similar levels, the honour of people who are at a much higher level spend time helping the lower level players to get through tough quests while getting nothing in return, the fun of people who joke with one another in the midst of a long fight, and the tears that shed for party to split in different ways.

I so love WoW. The passion is comparable to back then when I started dating.

World Of Warcraft is Smashing!

Today marks the second week of me playing with World of Warcraft. Certainly did not feel that long. I felt as though just a couple of hours has gone. Throughout the gameplay, I have tried my best in keeping a journal on my exciting experience.

If there is one game you are going to play this year, make it WoW. I guarantee that you will be mesmerized by this magical experience – beautiful landscape, engaging quests, and interesting people you will meet online.

What are you waiting for?

I Said to My PC – Heal Thyself or Face Death

In exact words … I was about to strip my computer apart and sell off whatever I can. After all, I did a check with all my components and they are working fine each on their own so I wouldn’t feel guilty selling these parts away. But why the trigger? Hear me out.

One morning I woke up, looked at my mirror, and said to myself: God damn it! I am a graduate from the school of computer engineering and science and this computer of mine has been giving me both hardware and software problem. Can I not solve it? Frustrated, I gunned for drastic measure.

My options were clear – either sell off parts and get a Dell or keep my S$900 high end monitor and get a Mac Mini. And of course, another option was to get it fixed. Given the fact that I have been facing this annoyance for close to half a year, I would be better off getting a new one.

Interestingly, by following the diagnostic methodogically, the problem seemed to have gone away for good. However, I shall not boost too much because nowadays, you will never know. The same problem may just come back and haunt me again. The positive sign was that I was able to install my OS and applications without any registry corruption.

And as I shared my findings with my colleague this morning, he has suggested something else to enhance my solution. Tempting … as I have kind of downgraded the configuration of my computer for now. Risky it will be because everything is working very smoothly now.

Any suggestions?

The Wait Is Over – World Of Warcraft

Yes! I have finally gotten hold a copy of World of Warcraft (WoW). Despite the stability issues that many players – including myself – are facing, it is still a great game. Keep a watch out at the main menu on the left. And yes, the image on the left is my very first character of the game – a level 5 Night Elf Warrior.

Tears of Joy and Tears of Desperation

When I first held onto my two copies of World of Warcraft (WoW), I was nearly in tears. Tears of Joy of course. My gaming buddy and I have been waiting for this game for months, if not years. And finally, through another friend of mine who brings in games from US, he put me onto the priority list. And here I was, yesterday, when I was holding onto the WoW, the prettiest thing yet the most expensive game that I have purchased so far.

As soon as got the copies of WoW, I met my gaming buddy up, passed him a copy, had dinner together, and rushed home for the installation.

And that was when the tears of desperation started to fall. I have tried the whole night and couldn’t get the game installed. 4 CDs I have and I seldom able to go pass the 2nd CD. No matter what I tried and still did not work. I fell asleep in between the reinstallation of my applications and the installation of the game and all yielded the same result.

What scared me the most was when I visited the technical support forum, I was not alone. There were a lot of desperate souls out there. I called up the support line in US and the office was closed. That was when I fell asleep again.

Nightmare must have woken me up in the middle of the night, I returned to my computer and tried again. Still cannot. Tried calling the support line and it was busy. Good sign, it was. The line must be open. I must have tried calling for half an hour and after 15 mins of waiting, the first sign of miracle arrived. Someone answered my call!

Following his instruction, I restored my computer and tried again. Instead of waiting to see the error page again, I said to myself – this is the best time to go to sleep with hope in mind. So sleep I did.

Another nightmare must have woken me up in the moring. It was so real that as though I have walked to the computer and saw the same error message again. It was so surreal that during the first visual impact, I did realised that it was a dream and I walked out to the living room in yet another dream to see the same error message again.

Finally woken, I walked to the computer. This time round, it said the installation was successful.

Looking back, my faith in God must have jumped ten-fold in the past 12 hours.

I’m Going To Be So Miss Dark Age Of Camelot (DAoC)

I can’t remember when I have started playing Dark Age of Camelot (DAoC) – one of the online games – but I felt as though it has been a while. Did I start right after my mother and sister left Singapore in mid January? I can’t remember no more.

Tomorrow hopefully I shall receive my copy of World of Warcraft (WoW). That will end my journey with DAoC. It is kind of sad because I have built my friend list there and I have built a character that is more than half way to the highest level. It reminds me of my university days when I have to leave the mudding game because I was no long having a valid user account.

It has been hard to leave DAoC for certain. ML has been more than a good mentor to me. He is going to retain his account in DAoC and we shall move onto WoW. Let’s hope that WoW is as good, if not better, than DAoC.

And I shall open up a new category under My ThoughtI just for WoW. Stay tuned.