Wishing You All A Prosperous Chinese New Year

As you are reading this, I am either on the way to or have already landed on a foreign continent that I have not set my feet on before this year, a land once ruled by animals with bags in front of their bodies, and I wish to give those bears that sleep close to 20 hours a day some good hugs hoping to rub some of their anti-insomnia magic onto me. Australia that is.

To thank you all for the support to me and my website, I have decided to do something I have not done before and publish 10 blogs in one go before I fly off. These 10 blogs cover a range of topics including the progress of my band that I seldom write about these days, my new oil painting, another YouTube contribution on one hilarious clip I came across when I played the new episode of Sam & Max, a sizzling hot video of a lingerie fashion show, music review on the American Idol runner-up Katherine McPhee, the young and talented BoA with success that you may not have heard before, and more. Hope you enjoy reading them as much as I am writing them.

WilfridWong.com and its crews wish all our readers a prosperous Chinese New Year and a Happy Holiday!

Website Revamp – Scheduled to Reopen on Nov 24

Dear all, my good friend Mark has just migrated my old website into this one with a new “engine” relocating the server from US to Singapore. From now till end of the month, I will be revamping the contents to make it more in line with the “modern” blog-world. Thank you for your support over the years and please do come back later for the “Grand Opening”!

Have a nice day!

Progress …

Stage 1 – Completed

* found a new website template * created a temporary banner * manually copy and paste the old blogs into the new “WordPress” blogging engine * manually inserted the respective comments while preserving the author name and timestamp * categorised the blog entries * configured the left and right sidebar items * added the links of my friends’ URLs into Blogroll

Stage 2 – Completed

* converted some of the “blog-like” the Articles items into blogs * resized some of the images for lower resolution screens * transferred the article comments into blog section * re-categorised the Article section

Stage 3 – No Clue

* redesign the banner * finalise the blog categories * re-defining what the Article section is to be … perhaps like an online newspaper? * need a sitemap? * any other enhancements?

I am Back

I have finally gathered enough courage to reopen my own website after a shutdown of more than eight months. Funny when I look back, I felt as though I had been passionate about my site for much longer time (actual fact, only about 4 months) and have been away for much lesser time. My buddy Mark had some difficulties in bringing my site back online after I have unceremoniously shut it down couple of months ago. It was at that moment that I really wished that my site would not be down forever.

Now that I am back, just wish to say thank you to all my close friends who have been very supportive of me during this challenging period of my life. You know who you are. Salute! More contents will be on the way. This I promise.