Click Me To Rooney

Dear readers, here is where I really need some help from you.  For real.  From now till end of the month, click onto the short link below and share it with as many people as you can possibly harass.  The more people know about my post, the better the chance I am to meet Wayne Rooney in an all expenses paid trip to Manchester sponsored by Tiger Beer.  I will get to drink Tiger Beer with him and play dart games.  I hope he will help to hook me up with David Beckham, whom I really want to meet in real life.  I want to meet Beckham’s wife too.  On TV, Victoria looks really stunning.  I am a big fan of Spice Girls.  I wonder if Victoria could hook me up with the rest of the spicy girls and sing me “Wannabe”.  If they do, I don’t mind if Rooney tucks along with me.  To make my dream comes true, here is the short link that Tiger Beer keeps track of how many are clicking:

I am from Asia and in my tradition, when we meet someone overseas the first time, we bring something from our home country as a gift.  Since I have put aside my budget to purchase clicks from Google AdSense (not that I don’t trust you guys, just in case the clicks fall short you know), I have no money to buy a gift for Rooney.  Instead, since I draw, I have painted him a picture.  One that I am going to ask Tiger Beer to frame for me so that it will look better on the UK tabloids, when I get to present him the painting in person.

Tiger Beer wants to know how I am similar to Tiger Football Champion Wayne Rooney.  When I get older, I want to be a millionaire, just like Rooney.  Since I have way more hair then he does, I reckon I will have some time before I reach his age today.  I am an up and coming artist and celebrity (I think) and I enjoy watching football.  And I am as smart as Paul the Octopus.  I too knew that Spain would win the World Cup.  When Spain won the UEFA Cup, I started learning Spanish.  When Spain won the World Cup, I renewed my interest in learning Spanish.  ¡Hola amigo, clic en el enlace por favor!  Compártelo con tus amigos.  ¡Muchas gracias!

The real reason why I am similar to Rooney lies inside the video I have spent much time preparing.  I really want to credit my band members for the demo recording materials but I am quite sure that none of them wants to be associated with it.  It is more like a one off crazy thing we did.  The song excerpt is called “Unleash The Beast” and pardon my strong accent (I had sore throat the next day).  Unfortunately Tiger Beer does not give me much time to prepare for this blog post and so, I grab what I have.  Something like when the ball lands onto our heads, we just head it into the goal post instinctively, like Rooney does I suppose.  And I can argue with Tiger Beer later on the short notice.  I hope I won’t be red carded because of the strong language used in the video.  If you are underage, please turn off the volume or watch it with your parents (and ask them to spread and click onto my short link).

My post will be judged on presentation and creativity (60%) and buzz generation (40%).  That’s why I need your help to spread the words.  For those of you who are anticipating my weekend travel blog post, I am afraid I will need to postpone it to next week because this post has sucked all my energy I have for a weekend.  Sorry!  I hope this blog post is entertaining enough to make up for it.

Stand A Chance To Win A Norton Internet Security Software Today!

Avid readers of my website by now should know that whenever I host a simple contest here, you stand a very good chance to win.  Personally I like this contest because the underlying message is good.  If I have kids, I would dive straight into the free Norton Online Family, which I am going to share with you briefly in a moment’s time.  If you like what you read here, please share the link with your families and friends.  Meanwhile, email to me the answers to the following three questions by August 20, 2010 and stand a chance to win Norton Internet Security 2010 (upgradable to 2011).  Winners will be notified by Norton directly the following week.

  1. Have you had a negative online experience?
  2. What is your greatest fear when you are online?
  3. How do you keep yourself safe in the cyber world?

You may ask: what is a negative online experience?  Generally speaking, it falls into the following categories.

  • Downloaded a virus
  • Responded to an online scam
  • Saw violent /nude images
  • Someone they don’t know online has asked them to meet them in the ‘real’ world
  • Receiving ‘sexts’ from someone they don’t know

If you have kids at home, or know someone who has, you ought to check out the free Norton Online Family.  It helps you to understand what your kids are doing online, down to the search phrases they enter.  It also helps you to block sites of certain categories and limit the number of hours your kids spend online.  Alerts can be sent to you when there are activities that require your attention.  Where applicable, you can relax certain rules such as the number of hours spent online for that day or unblock a certain site as requested by your kids.  I believe it is less about control but more about being able to manage with the right information.

The immediate benefit I can think of is that you do not need to watch over the shoulders of your kids all the time.  Besides, survey shows that 6 in 10 parents do not always know what their kids see online.  With Norton Online Family, you can manage your kids’ online activity from a safe distance.  I reckon kids would appreciate parents who exercise transparency, interest in them, as well as good intend, yes?

Click here to visit the Norton Online Family.

Before I close off this entry, below are some advice for parents shared by Norton.  And don’t forget to send in the answers.  If you like what you read, do share the words.

  1. Regularly talk about online activities and show an interest
  2. Encourage your children to come to you if they experience anything unpleasant online
  3. Maintain up to date security software to protect your computer from any malicious software inadvertently downloaded
  4. Prepare kids for good or bad experiences
  5. Highlight the importance of thinking before clicking and downloading
  6. Use a browser search advisor to identify safe/unsafe sites
  7. Children need to know that their parents will listen and not blame or punish them when things go wrong online

External Link: Norton Online Family

Note: This contest is opened for those who are living in Singapore only.

Summer Blog Episode 1 – New Series

I love summer holidays.  There is a certain charm to this mysterious reference: summer holiday.  It does not reveal where the destination is, or how long is the vocation.  A generic reference that says everything and nothing.  It often prompts the listeners to momentarily drift towards the memory of one of their previous summer holidays.  Hence, opens up conversation in the opposite direction, rather than me talking about my holiday.

This summer holiday, I wish to do something different to my website.  I have got Bob the Bot™ to churn out contents while I am away.  My personal ghost writer.

Every week, I have received hundreds of comments originated by the spam bots.  I must say, some are quite entertaining to read.  Some are outright encouraging.  Some are bizarre jokes that even if I am to put a perverted hat on, I still cannot figure out what the joke is about, except it sounds funny.  At times when my site is dead quiet, I do not mind fishing amongst a pool of spam comments to see if there is a legitimate one hiding inside while getting amused by hundreds and thousands of illegitimate ones, in a twisted sense.

Bots are going to rule our Internet one day.  The density of the web is going to intensified by the bots that do not need to eat or sleep, busy copying contents, meshing up contents, and generating random words of a multitude of languages.  As for my personal Bob the Bot™, I doubt if it is going to be that proliferate.  I am as excited as you to find out what the bot can do.  Stay tuned.

This Saturday Our Band Will Perform At Bali Culture @ Orientus

This Saturday, April 24th at about 9.30 pm, our band “No Eye Candy” will perform at Bali Culture @ Orientus for a 40 minutes session.  Please drop by for a good time.  We shall have a full band playing original songs.  Expect crazy guitar licks from Jason, cool bass line from Cynthia, mad drumming from Wieke who has recently returned from Middle East (this week!), and I will take you through what inspired me to write those songs.

To get to Bali Culture @ Orientus, follow the direction in this link.  Bali Culture is a restaurant where you can chill out and enjoy your meal and drink.  We will start playing in the indoor stage once the football match ends (at about 9.30 pm in my reckoning).  If you wish to dine in Bali Culture, drop me an email and I will do my best to reserve a table for you.  Be there early and we can catch up before our show!

See you there … xoxo No Eye Candy!

And The Winners Of The Contest “Treasury Of The World” Are …

A big thank you to those who have supported the contest and have submitted your entries.  To be honest, running a contest like this can be pretty scary.  I have no clue what the response would be.  And I must say I am surprised by the quality of your responses.  Some of you have even scored on the last two questions that are created by me, above and beyond what the museum has suggested.  I wrote them just for fun.  One wrote in and guessed that the small bottle set is of the size of a nostril (?!) and the diameter of the bracelet set fits the size of a [censored].  Wow, some of you can be entertainingly creative (and you know who you are)!

And thank you for sharing the stories of “museum and you” with me.  I thoroughly enjoy reading each of your story.  It seems to me that most of you who replied do not visit museums often (and what better way to kick start this new hobby with a pair of free tickets!) but enjoy visiting one for something you can relate to or to gain a new perspective.  There seems to be a diverse range of art that each of you wish to see.  Almost all of you prefer to visit a museum alone and to take your time in admiring the art.  Or to visit an exhibition with someone who shares the same common interest.  One wrote in and said that there is always a chance to bump onto hot chicks inside a museum.  Perhaps I shall open my eyes wider next time I visit one!

Congratulations to those who see your name in the picture taken after the draw.  You have won yourself a pair of tickets to “Treasury of the World” exhibition at Asian Civilisations Museum, Singapore (Feb 12 to Jun 27, 2010).  Additional info such as opening hours can be found in the original post.  I will contact you shortly via email on how to claim your ticket.  From what I was told, it is as simple as turning up at the museum and announce your name.