I Made Dumplings The First Time And It Was Ridiculously

Imagine this. I have spent four hours making dumplings the first time. And I ate them in 5 minutes.

Fried vegetarian dumplings. I finished these in 5 minutes.

I had this sudden urge to make my own vegetarian dumplings. It is not that hard to make. Just that, the preparation time, plus the cooling time, and the folding time, took so long.

So long.

So very long.

In this batch, I have created 40 dumplings. I froze half of them. And in my enthusiasm, I bought way too many ingredients. Like, way, way, way too many. This means I have to create another batch of vegetarian dumplings this week!

Another batch!

OMG. Think of the ROI. I would gladly order dumplings online.

The ingredients that took me a long, long time to prepare.

In all seriousness, I am glad that I have experienced the dumpling-making process. And it tasted pretty good. If I could change my approach, I may wish to go easy on the white pepper and change the black vinegar don’t use the sweet one. Perhaps instead of frying the dumplings, I would boil them and use garlic chili oil instead.

That may work. But still. I would rather buy dumplings. Thanks to Sonos though. The music accompanied through the cooking process.

Consider the fact that it was my first time folding dumplings, I think these dumplings look rather legit. Thank you Internet.

Would I do it again? Perhaps I would want to try the meat version.

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