Let Love Be – A Doodle

November 2020 has its highs and lows. But overall, it was a memorable month. Yesterday I was on leave. And I visited the National Gallery Singapore. I could feel the passion and love around me; I could breathe it all in. It was good to be able to take my time, admire the artworks that I can relate to. And hope that I may get inspired; and that I can further improve my craft.


Titled “Let Love Be” … and that is one way to view this drawing

Back to this drawing, I have this strong concept of a whirlpool. I see this boy drops right into it and this girl looking from the shore. Then I think of the ebb and flow of a love relationship. Perhaps this girl drops the boy into the whirlpool. But she is having a second thought. Maybe, just maybe, this boy is worth saving. This once.

In my mind, I am thinking of the fairy tale, whereby Rapunzel attempts to save her prince with her hair.

On the other hand, you could also view this drawing upside down whereby it is the boy who is saving the girl

Now of course, when viewed upside down, you could also see this boy throwing down a rope attempting to save the girl. Perhaps the girl is drowning, in confusion. Such is the beauty of art. In the end, it is your interpretation that matters.

Back to the National Gallery Singapore, one really cool thing is that visitors can create a poster based on some of the artworks the museum displays. I have spent some time with the gigantic touch screen. The poster I have created has … erm … a common theme.

Now, be nice. Don’t judge.

A poster I have created in Singapore National Gallery

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