When Cats Listen to Moonlight Sonata – A Doodle

The last few doodles I drew was rather serious and they were getting complex. Last night, it was a long day at work. Exhausted by the never-ending calls from nine in the morning till evening, exhausted by the endless paperwork from early evening till ten at night (alas, performance review period), all I wanted was to unwind. Perhaps play some video games as our guild members have been beaconing us to start our Diablo 3 season 22 journey but my wife was tired; perhaps watch some TV but I couldn’t think of anything I wanted to indulge into; perhaps drink more wine but I really couldn’t as I started early. So I have decided to doodle. The theme was: something cute.

Titled as When Cats Listen to Moonlight Sonata – first orientation when the pair of cats in the center are upright.

It didn’t take too long to complete the drawing. Two hours. And it was fun, especially the endless musical notes around the cats.

What I was and still am struggling with is the drawing’s orientation and that’s why I haven’t added my name onto the drawing. I would pick the first one if I want to see the cats in the center in the upright position, which is also where the spiral starts.

The second orientation gives perspective on the scoresheet

The second orientation is also good, especially when you want to focus on the partial sheet music inspired by Moonlight Sonata. And I like the pair of cats sitting at the bottom edge of the frame, upright.

The third orientation is perhaps the most balanced

I like the third orientation for the composition gives me a balanced feel. I can still make out of the sheet music. There is a certain ‘weight’ towards the bottom half of the drawing.

My favorite perhaps is the fourth orientation below. It seems most natural. Just that, the musical notes are upside down and it reverses the Moonlight Sonata.

Fourth orientation with a pair of cats sitting at the bottom of the frame.

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