Karmic Love Affairs – A Doodle

Today, I have this sudden urge to draw. The initial concept was to display the tension between a pair of lovers not in balance. That is, one in control of the entire relationship while the other one is not. But it has become something more elaborate.

Title – Karmic Love Affairs

In control, to that I mean, have you been in a situation whereby you are at the mercy of that someone to contact you, set up the next occasion to meet, and etc. It is as though, you keep on staring at your phone – and in my era, your pager – for that one message. And when that comes, there could be thousands and one way to interpret it. The beauty and the torment of being in love.

For some relationships of yours, the other party could be the one in control. And for others, you could be the one in control.

While this is not a universal truth, I reckon those who are not in control in a relationship would likely end up getting dumped (note: the reverse doesn’t always hold true).

Hence, back to the composition of this doodle, there are three persons inside.

Three?! You may ask.

Let’s start with the rectangular frame in the middle. The hourglass inside denotes a time that is later than the two hourglasses outside (sand on top versus sand at the bottom). One way to interpret this is to think of the subjects outside the frame in the past while the subjects inside, the present. Another way is that outside is present while the inside is the past.

If you notice, while the man looks the same inside and outside the frame – i.e. the same person, we can’t say the same for the female character. The one inside has a sharper chin and short hair. Contrast to the one outside, rounder chin with long hair. Therefore, there are three persons.

Raised fist depicts control. Broken hearts are simply, broken hearts.

Going back to the three persons in the composition, the man who was in control of a relationship in the past broke a girl’s heart and at present, thanks to karma (all the loops are karma as what goes around comes around), his heart is broken by another girl at present.

Hope you enjoy reading the explanation!

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