Dreams So Relentless Like Horses Racing Across a Field

What a bizarre evening!

In the past week, I have been waking up in the middle of the night, unable to go back to sleep, and only dozed off as the sun rose. Coffee in the morning can help to stay awake. Wine in the evening can help to relax. But it gets tiring.

Last night, perhaps I went to sleep slightly happier. Or it could also due to the pink noise played through my Sonos speaker. Instead of waking up with eyes wide opened, I have a lot of intermittent sleeping cycles. Each comes with a dream. I tried to count each time I woke up. Around 10 dreams.

Now, I can’t remember all the dreams I had last night. Each was short, like a clip taken from a TV drama. All the characters came from people whom I know from work. That reminds me, a while back, I dreamed of a project outing to a holiday island. My team was there. My project accountable executive was also there in his colorful summer and beach attire (with a hat!). I was sharing an apartment with a few others. We toured the island, did group activities during the day. At night, I met a few of them and watched fireworks. The dream was so vivid that I still remember a lot of the details today.

So back to last evening, the dreams were bizarre because first, the same person, she appears in almost all the clips; and second, some clips actually refer to the previous clips! It is unusual to have dreams telling a similar or cohesive story and as one wakes up in between. When was the last time you woke up from a dream, remembered your dream, returned to your sleep, and continue your dream from where it left off?!

I am not a scientist who specialized in analyzing dreams. From my extensive dreaming experience, most of the time, dreams are made of fragments of our physical and emotional experience, including our fear and desire, from what we see and what we perceive. I am not entirely convinced that dreams can be prophetic in nature. But never say never, I guess.

Quite a few of the clips last night happened in Sentosa. Now, truth be told, that place looked nothing like Sentosa. It was more like a much quieter version of Hong Kong Repulse Bay (triggered by the upcoming SG-HK travel bubble?) mashed with a bit of Kent Ridge Guild House (recently had dinner with friends there). Beautiful oceans, on an elevated hill, overseeing a setting sun. Dinner. A walk around the island. Always with the same person with a blue dress. I was happy.

The last clip, though, was disturbing.

It was in an office with a very posh and spacious lobby. Natural light floods from the surrounding ground to ceiling glasses. Very much like a Korean drama.

Everything was white in color. Even the long bench that I was supposed to sharing a temporary working space with two others from work.

I was in the washroom doing my business. One female colleague opened the door ajar, peeped in, and asked if I have seen so-and-so. I looked around and couldn’t see anyone.

Then, we heard a voice. One cubicle door opened! The female colleague entered and I saw this male colleague of mine changing with just a long T-shirt on, strategically covering his private parts.

How could I possible dream such dream?!

Then I remember, last evening as I was chatting with my friend N, she collects figurines. They are called the Sonny Angels. Please. Don’t. Judge.

Irresistibly Cute (don’t judge!)

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