Lake District: There is No Lake When There is No Rain / Day 6-7 of 2019 UK Holiday

I guess it is true. There is no lake when there is no rain. We have visited the Lake District in the UK and during our visit, most of the time, it rained. Some hiking plan we proceeded. Others, we abandoned. Hiking in the rain is fine except it inevitable wets our shoes.

Click here to view the part one of our Lake District tours. The camera was Nikon Z6. Lens was 35mm f/1.8 Z.

Day 6 we left Snowdonia and we had our breakfast in a charming little town called Betws-y-Coed. We had vegetarian/vegan breakfast with soy latte whereby in retrospective, we should have ordered a normal breakfast (with meat and dairy product, etc.).

The first lake we visited, we have encountered a young couple. It was only the four of us. All of a sudden, they took off their clothes and jumped into the lake in their swimming attire. I screamed at them from the shore, “Isn’t that cold”? They replied affirmatively. Both of them looked happy though. They took a selfie once out of water. Young love is made of this.

We spent a fair bit of time in a town called Amberside. It is a lovely town. Plenty of shops selling hiking gears.

Later on, we headed to another town called Windermere. The town is beautiful. We parked our car next to the railway station and hiked to Orrest Head – a good vantage point to the surroundings of Windermere. Throughout the day, it was raining on and off. We had dinner in Windermere, an Italian restaurant on the second floor. Seat outdoor with heating above us. The ambiance was romantic.

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