Lake District Part 2: Yet Another Wet Hike – Day 8 of 2019 UK Holiday

By now, my wife and I are used to the wet weather of the UK. As Catholics, my wife was keen to attend a Mass on a Sunday. I was less keen as Catholicism is not really that popular in the UK. We arrived at a local church half an hour early. Right before 10.30am, a Polish tourist arrived followed by a very old couple – also tourists. We waited for 10 minutes. The priest did not turn up. We parted our separate ways. My point stands.

To view the photo album for the second part of our Lake District visit, click here. The camera I used was Nikon Z6. The lens was 35mm f/1.8 Z.

Our first stop was Tarn Hows trail, which has a man-made lake. It was an easy route. And there was another one that took us to the waterfall. Due to the rain, the track was wet. Cynthia preferred to stay out. Armed with my camera, I braved the treacherous trail!

It wasn’t that dramatic. Plenty of waterfalls though. For lunch, we headed back to Amberside to hunt for Sunday Roast. We had giant Yorkshire puddings at the friendly club.

After our lunch, we went for yet another trail called White Moss Walks. It was a lovely walk around the lake.

One of Cynthia’s friend has recommended us to visit a town called Barrow-in-Furness. Unfortunately, when we arrived, it was pretty late. All the shops were closed. We did not stay late before we headed back to Ulverston. It was a good old fish-and-chips meal, which can be summarized in three words: salt, vinegar, and oil.

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