I Have Always Wanted to Revisit York (Not Just for the Puddings) / Day 9 of 2019 UK Holiday

Twenty-four years ago, my friend T and I cycled from Oxford to Edinburgh. Looking back, we weren’t really a pair of compatible travel partners. Midway through our journey, T had an injury. I then proposed to stop at York for a day so that T could rest up. York was the turning point for two things. T got better and hence we could continue instead of abandoning our mission. Second, T and I got closer to each other after our York visit. We hadn’t spoken since then. At times I wonder where he is, what he is doing.

To view the photo album of York, click here. The camera I have used was Nikon Z6 with 35mm f/1.8 Z lens.

York is a beautiful city. It was my request to visit York. Unfortunately, the crazy weather of England continued to spice up our holiday. At times, it rained. At times, it was a blue sky. We just have to adjust accordingly.

Point to note though. I took my wife to visit the Jorvik Viking Center. The queue was long and the exhibition – a mechanical ride through the Viking history – while wowed me in the past seemed rather dull in today standard. I guess because this sort of exhibition has become common for the rest of the world. I wouldn’t recommend a visit unless … it rained.

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