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Previously I have done some testing with my new Nikon Z6. Today, I have tried out pairing the new camera with my old SB900 flash unit. I am also trying out the DXO products as a substitute of Capture NX-2 with Color Efex Pro plug-in. Click here to see the photo album.

  • SB900 works with Nikon Z6 though it is not fully integrated with the camera. Settings need to be done on the flash unit (such as exposure and mode).
  • Flash lock works well. Picking the right flash exposure is very important or else, the picture may be over-exposed as a flash filler.
  • In as much as I wish to, when shooting portraits, I can’t get rid of the flash unit.
  • DXO PhotoLab 2 with Nik Collection 2 is a very good product. It does almost everything as my old Capture NX-2 with Color Efex Pro. I can’t apply Nikon picture control in DXO, which is annoying. I don’t seem to be able to add descriptions to my raw photos – which is also annoying. Lastly, a TIFF file is created so that the filter can be applied. It makes photo export slightly more tedious (as there is a need to pick a set of NEF and TIFF mixed photos) and I can’t re-edit a TIFF file (i.e. have to reapply the filters all over again should I need to). Having said that, I am pretty much at home with DXO products.
A picture of my wife taken in our condo.

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