Movies Lately – I, Tonya and Shape of Water

These days, I sort of dread having to answer how my weekends go. I wish it was something exotic. Like spending a weekend shopping/hiking/adventuring overseas. Or picked up a really cool hobby. Learned something useful.

In reality, I have been so worn out at work that the most satisfying thing to do for me is just to … sleep. Or stay up late catching up on some TV-series with my wife on Netflix. Or wake up slightly early to have a nice brunch somewhere.

My wife and I seldom visit a theater and watch a show these days. Because we have Netflix. And we have YouTube. Not too long ago, one of my wife’s colleagues/friends at work – let’s call her Y – has passed her a pair of tickets. Star Wars The Last Jedi. Y said that her husband has bought the tickets online at a wrong location. And that wrong location happened to be right next to where we live. I told my wife that Y must have wanted to buy us a gift. But my wife did not think that way …

… which is totally fine.

Normally we like to pick seats that are smacked right in the middle of the theater. We would count the rows from the front and the back. And we would count the seats to the left and the right. Right in the middle.

Y bought us lover seats. Lover seats here in Singapore are seats that are combined into one. Just like the ones in the airplane. Some love seat setups would allow the armrest to be lifted. Others may not even come with an armrest.

Lover seats are usually located at the very back of the theater. Why it is so, I would leave it to your imagination. Anyway, it was the first time we have experienced lover seats. And it was a pretty pleasant experience! It wasn’t as far away from the screen as we have imagined. There was no one behind kicking our seats or sticking their shoes right next to our faces. In short, we have started to like the lover seats.

I wanted to watch I, Tonya because I find the Australian actress Margot Robbie very charming. I have been watching her in Jimmy Fallon’s show on YouTube. In addition, my wife loves to watch Figure Skating. So that is perfect. We love the show. I hope Margot would win the Oscar.

I have picked Shape of Water because I like sci-fi. I also like the director Guillermo del Toro. Pan’s Labyrinth is one of my favorites. This show also did not disappoint. It reminds me of the video game Bioshock. The sea, the water, the vintage American feel, and the science and magic. I also hope that Shape would win some Oscar.

This pretty much sums up my weekends of late.

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