Marvel Heroes Video Guides 2.0

Hello Marvel Heroes fans,

I have been playing this free-to-play ARPG game since closed beta, March 2013, and have clocked in thousands of played hours. I enjoy creating YouTube video guides for this game. Click here for a list of videos I have made prior to patch 2.0.

I am starting a new era with this “biggest update ever”. And hence this new post. This list may look short now. But I promise, with your support and encouragement and your help in spreading the words, it will grow.

Ask me anything. Drop me a comment on my YouTube channel. I will try to answer. May Odin bless you!

Wilfrid (in-game ID is “Lace”) – a fellow Marvel Heroes fan.

Dimension Collide - the best terminal design ever.
Dimension Collide – the best terminal design ever.

Hero Guides

Post patch 2.0 videos.

Game Guides

Some of these videos are pre-patch 2.0 but by and large, still relevant.

Q&A – “Let’s Play” Videos

I play the game, also talk about the game, answering some of your questions.

Test Center Edition

Videos recorded from the test center, all subjected to change.

4 thoughts on “Marvel Heroes Video Guides 2.0”

  1. I have a suggestion for a guide to get everyone through these strange times. You mentioned in your most recent video confusion with the current talents and build system for the heroes. I’m one of the people that is slightly thrown off by the whole thing. I’ll give you an example: Loki. I was looking forward to updates as he’s one of my favorite heroes to play. In the talents they mention the new power “Gram” and powers being enchanted, etc. but none of these mechanics are fully explained. If you could do one or two minutes per hero, explaining in simple terms what the changes are. No need for min/max numbers (as you have mentioned, things are constantly changing) but something like “pick these powers and talents if you want to be a ranged summoner” to get people started. Help them re-learn the heroes. When I type this is does seem like more effort than it’s worth. I know this is the kind of thing I’m struggling with anyway. As always, I appreciate all the work you do for your all of your viewers. Thanks very much.

  2. Hi Wilfrid. I’m a big fan of both you and Marvel Heroes.

    I’m a little disappointed that your guides are stopping (temporarily I hope), but I completely understand your reasoning. The game does seem to be a little lost at the moment.

    On the plus side I’m very much looking forward to your mini reviews and I’m sure the state of the game will stabilise shortly.


  3. Hello Wilfred. I am a F2P Marvel Heroes player since beta. Have you seen what will happen to the game after Dec 31? Any thoughts or comments? No words for me to say…

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