A Compilation Of Our Tasmania Holiday Google+ Posts

Last December, my wife and I have visited Tasmania. Every year, we pick a destination to visit. We must be one of the last few couples on earth to embrace new technology. It was only recently when we have started to plan and book the accommodation for our entire holiday in advance and in the comfort of our home.

The magnificent Painted Cliff taken using my mobile phone.

But time has changed. We too have embraced new technology for our Tasmania trip. No longer do we need to carry the heavy guidebooks everywhere we go. Instead, we bought the electronic version from Amazon.com and load them into my Nexus 7 tablet. It is not as intuitive because I still prefer to flip through a book looking for what I want. However, electronic version does have its merits. It is extremely easy to search for a place when all of a sudden, we pass by a town and wonder if it is worth visiting – for example.

In Australia, for A$2 a day, we were able to access the Internet on my mobile phone using a prepaid SIM card. 500MB a day. Tethered that to my 7 inches tablet Nexus 7, there are many things we could do!

For example …

Google Maps. With that, we will never get lost, except when the mobile signal is gone. Still, what I do is to cache the maps for offline browsing. A little bit tedious. But that can be done. Wife doesn’t get stressed up reading a map. I don’t get stressed up driving without knowing where we are heading. It is perfect.

And of course, in every trip we go, I keep a diary. Because so much happens during our holiday, it is impossible to remember all the details. So I write them down, on pen and paper. The reality is that it is very hard to keep a readable journal written after a long day of travel. Most of the time, I can hardly read what I have written!

Google Drive. With that, I can write my journey online, using my tablet! It is perfect because for the first time in history, I can read everything I have written. A little bit tedious to type on a tablet. And when there is no data signal, Drive just wouldn’t open my journal. Still, I can write on Evernote as a backup plan.

And the best of all? Google+ the social networking website, my one and only. Everywhere we go, I take picture using my phone (and my DSLR of course). I transfer the mobile phone photos to my tablet, process them using Snapseed, and on the spot, I can share the pictures to Google+ with a location tag! It is like live blogging on our Tasmania trip. We love it so much that I am going to compile all our holiday posts into here, for our future reading pleasure (because Google+ does not seem to have a … erm … timeline feature).Those that are marked are our favorites.

  1. Our road tip plan
  2. Checking into a motel
  3. Heading to Hobart for dinner
  4. University of Tasmania
  5. The oysters were so fresh!
  6. Taking a ferry to Bruny Island
  7. *** A view from a memorial
  8. The pancake here were divine!
  9. First Catholic Church we found in Tasmania and it was closed
  10. Captain Cook landed here once upon a time
  11. A wallaby pie, enough said
  12. Cynthia wanted a brekkie
  13. A campsite by a river
  14. Port Huon
  15. River Huon
  16. Some walk can be really long, like 6 to 12 days
  17. A swing bridge
  18. (Recap) Huon River by a campsite
  19. A live wallaby!
  20. Lady Barron Falls
  21. A beautiful B&B we have stayed in
  22. Queenstown, looks like Storybroke!
  23. I love eating steak in Australia
  24. A local library
  25. And we played Ingress
  26. Another Catholic Church we have found (and it was closed)
  27. A car that Agent Coulson would love to have
  28. Locomotive panel
  29. *** Queenstown landscape
  30. Crocoite
  31. The Paragon Theatre (good story)
  32. Crossing a lake, not!
  33. Birds in a cage
  34. Penguin Cradle Trail
  35. Cradle Mountain
  36. Sheffield, a town of murals
  37. Devonport by the coast
  38. Neptune at Devonport
  39. Molly Malones at Devonport
  40. *** A beautiful sight on our way to Deloraine
  41. Lunch at Deloraine
  42. *** Meandering River
  43. A windmill next to our inn
  44. Drinking consultants …
  45. *** (Recap) Hiking at Cradle Mountain
  46. Wombat pool (or poos)
  47. Launceston post office
  48. Narawntapu National Park entrance
  49. Hiking through the vegetation and into the beach
  50. *** A kiss from the Tasmania sky
  51. Walking along the beach of Narawntapu
  52. Photosphere of the beach
  53. My camera and I
  54. *** Wombat and I
  55. Hiking through a tiny sandy road
  56. Heading to the beach
  57. Christmas Mass at Launceston
  58. Cataract Gorge
  59. Pier of George Town
  60. (Recap) Cataract Gorge from another angle
  61. Tasmania weather
  62. Boxing Day at McDonald’s
  63. This is Swansea
  64. *** Wineglass Bay
  65. A lighthouse at Cap Tourville
  66. This steak was divine, best we have ever had so far
  67. And the dessert
  68. (Recap) 18 days?
  69. (Recap) Photosphere of Wineglass Bay
  70. A squid farming boat
  71. An award winning bakery
  72. Waubes Bay
  73. Redbill Beach
  74. *** We are the champions …
  75. Cynthia and the beach
  76. A gallery
  77. Waubes Bay from another angle
  78. Italian food in Tasmania
  79. Arriving at Maria Island
  80. Found some native geese
  81. Hiking at Maria Island
  82. A creek and a beach
  83. Cynthia photographing Painted Cliff
  84. *** The magnificent Painted Cliff 
  85. Walking round the cliff was kind of challenging
  86. Resting at the reservoir
  87. *** Going off the grid
  88. *** The magnificent Fossil Cliff
  89. *** A video of a wombat!
  90. Strange flowers at Richmond
  91. *** A kangaroo posing with Cynthia
  92. This was where Sydney-Hobart race ended
  93. Found this in our luxury hotel
  94. *** A video of Cynthia and the kangaroos
  95. Lily Pond at Royal Tasmanian Botanical Garden
  96. Flowers that smelled really good
  97. *** Pinnacle of Mount Wellington

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