Korea Holiday Photo Albums – A Recap Thus Far

Lately I have been busy processing the photographs taken during our recent trip to Korea in a lightning speed.  Too much to do, too little time.  Procrastination weights me down, eventually depresses me much.  So I wish to get it done, and move onto the next thing in life.

Museum of Sex and Health

Google+ has some unspoken guidelines when it comes to posting of pictures.  Images that show female nipples and human genitals including implied sex – be it as vanilla or oral or whatever – are out of the question.  What about paintings?  I was told that Origin of the World by French artist Gustave Courbet is also not allowed due to – I believe – realism.  But what about sex related sculptures?

Not wanting to risk getting my Google+ account banned, I have hosted the Museum of Sex and Health album and Jeju Loveland album back in my website.  Feel free to click onto the links for viewing.  I really love some of these local art pieces.  Something seldom to be seen here in Singapore for sure.

When it comes to holiday itinerary, Cynthia and I are pretty much in sync.  We are not into shopping.  We don’t mind a bit of walking and a little bit of hardship, so long as we have plenty of breaks with food and drink in between.  And, we love to visit the museums.


There is a Samsung Museum of Art called Leeum in Seoul.  We attempted to visit it on the day we visited Gyeongbokgung Palace.  But Leeum was closed on Monday.  On our second attempt, it was snowing in Seoul.  It was quite a challenge to walk up the slippery slope.  But we made it up and down safe.  Photo albums for these two locations can be found by clicking onto the two links above.

I have no idea how Cynthia has found a free bus ride to Jeonju.  She registered our tickets online, prior to our trip.  Bravo!  It took three hours to travel from Seoul to Jeonju – a UNESCO heritage site.  Thankfully, we had some decent weather for a good half of the day.

Talking about UNESCO sites, we have visited two in Jeju – namely Seongsan Sunrise Peak and Manjanggul Cave.  Both locations are unique and worth visiting.  One above ground, another underneath.  Don’t miss that photo album too.

The most unique museum we have visited in Korea has got to be Museum of Teddy Bear.  You can imagine my reaction when Cynthia first suggested and later insisted that we shall visit a museum full of teddy bears.  I have got a lot of eyes rolling reaction whenever I mentioned this to my guy friends.

Interestingly and surprisingly, Museum of Teddy Bear is anything but childish or silly.  It is a one of the most popular tourist spots in Jeju Island.

When God Created Teddy Bear

I still have quite a few more photo albums for sharing, photographs from our Korea trip yet to be processed.  As of now, this is what I have.  If the links above you confuse you, check out my photograph page for a more organized view.

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