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First, wishing all my readers a Happy 2013.  May you be blessed with all the joy and happiness life has to offer.  Time flies.  And we are one year wiser.  It is good to do some self-reflection on what we have accomplished last year and what our plans are this year.

I wish I could have spent more time with my website.  But the line between blogging and social networking in Google+ is blurring, as some pioneers have predicted.  The outlook of my website this year would remain as a place for higher quality and more lengthy writing while Google+ is an excellent place to incubate new concepts and ideas, to meet new friends who share common passions.

Love, from Jeju Loveland

It is a pure coincidence that I am featuring photographs of a sex theme park on a New Year Day.  You may have noticed that my photographs are now published at Google+ instead of here in my website.  Well, it saves disk space and the interaction is a lot richer over there.  However, not wanting to run the risk of getting my Google+ account suspended due to explicit contents, I am publishing this album here.

  • Click here to view Jeju Loveland Photo Album (52 pictures with captions).  Warning: explicit contents.

For those who are new to Jeju Loveland, it is a sculpture / theme park based on sensuality and eroticism.  Jeju Island has long been a popular honeymoon location for the Koreans.  It is said that in the older days, after the Korean War, arranged marriage was the norm.  The island provided sex education for the then honeymooners, and to break the ice so as to speak.

When Cynthia and I visited Jeju Loveland, we thought the experience would be all weird and embarrassing.  In contrary, the theme park is full of giggle and laughter.  People of all ages (above 18 of course) seem to enjoy the humor side of the sculptures.  We do too.

PS. More photographs from our Korea Trip can be found in this link.

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