End of Spanish Learning Era?

Four long years, Cynthia and I have studied Spanish in Singapore at Las Lilas School.  Over Whatsapp, one classmate mentioned that he is considering to drop our class and join another one.  One that is not as taxing as our advance level.  Another classmate reminded us that she too is leaving because her student visa is expiring.  She needs to go home.  This thought has lingered in my mind for quite some time.  And I have discussed this with Cynthia.  So, I followed the cue and mentioned that we too have decided to end our Spanish studying journey.  One classmate typed in Whatsapp, “Is this the end of an era?”

I suppose the answer is no.  There is no reason not to continue learning, outside a classroom setting.  I feel that, for quite some time, I have hit the plateau.  My passion seems to have deflated a little, when I am not getting as much from the 2 hours lesson as I used to.  There is an increased slowness in trying to comprehend the course materials during the class.  It is like a running marathon.  If you are not fit enough, after a while, you would simply walk and then, stop.  Linguistic ability is never my strength.  Having said that, I am most delighted to make it to this far.

To that, I thank my teachers at Las Lilas.  You are the most cheerful, knowledgeable, patience, and encouraging ones.  I also thank my classmates.  What a fun bunch you are.  And I thank my wife Cynthia for supporting me throughout the journey.  All the real time translation in whispers.  No, I won’t forget.

So what’ next?

Ten weeks ago, at the end of the 10-lesson course, I asked around the table to see if we were continuing.  One said, “What are we going to do if we are not?”  Cynthia and I found it rather amusing.  Indeed, for the last 4 years, every Tuesday we devote 2 hours learning Spanish.  Our dinner has always been a mad rush.  By the time we are home, it is ten o’clock.  This Tuesday, after we bid our farewell to our classmates and to Amelia, our beloved Spanish teacher, Cynthia asked me in private, “What are we going to do on Tuesday?”

I don’t know.  I miss making music.  That seems like eons in the past.  Come to think on it, that question never pops up in my head.  I can always find something else to do.  Enough time we have spent learning Spanish inside a classroom.  It is time to take what we have learned and have fun with the real world.  Watch some Spanish YouTube.  Read some Spanish news.  Chit-chat with Spanish chicas, or chicos.

4 thoughts on “End of Spanish Learning Era?”

  1. Wilfrid!! I hope you still continue practising your Spanish and hope you don’t feel discoraged by all this time.. Believe it or not you have done a great progress and you really put a lot of time and effort into it, just think that learning a language is never a waste of time- it will always be there!! 🙂 nos vemos! 🙂

    1. Natalia – Hey, thanks for your kind comments 🙂 I will try my best to remember what you taught … hahaha.

      You are right. Learning a language is never a waste of time. I feel as though I need some time to catch up, to “internalize” the language so as to speak. And I am a strong believer that one should keep on learning.

      Let’s catch up for dinner 🙂 Vale?

  2. Hola Wifrid!!

    How nice to hear from you and read you again! Recently I have been quite busy (I guess you know why I say this…), so I hardly check my Facebook account or go on the internet unless it is for work!

    You know? It was very emotional to read your entry about the “end” of your Spanish lessons. As you say, there are many other ways of continuing the learning and, actually, at some stage (for you guys is perhaps now) all students feel it’s time for them to guide their own learning and make progress in a different way.

    … and a great way to start “internalizing” all the Spanish you have learned so far would be going our for dinner all together with Natalia and me, don’t you think? hahaha. It would be great to see you all again, guys. Let’s do it, shall we?

    Hasta entonces, os mando un abrazo enorme a Cynthia y a ti. Cuidaos mucho y nos vemos muy pronto!



    1. Alejandra – ¡Hola! Well, I can so imagine why you are so busy lately. With your job and you … erm … wow, 2nd one already! How time flies! You really love babies eh?

      It was pretty emotional writing this entry too. Because it is something we have been doing non-stop for quite some time, and we have met tons of great people in this journey. Certainly the journey does not end here. I feel as though I need some time off to read a Spanish book, which in my case may take months!

      Yep, let’s catch up for dinner. Now that you and Natalia are teaching at the same school, I think it should be quite easy to arrange 🙂 I will call in the troops.

      Hasta luego!

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