Salmon Fishing In The Yemen – Good Humor, With An Enlightening Spirit Within

I overheard in the radio one evening that Emily Blunt has rejected quite a few movie proposals lately including Captain America.  Yet she has decided to take on Salmon Fishing in the Yemen.  Emily is a great actress.  So I was curious.  Why salmon fishing?  When offers two movie preview choices, subconsciously I picked this one.  I am happy that I did.

This movie begins with an unusual business proposal to set up salmon fishing in Yemen.  At the same time, there are some conflicts happening in the Middle East and the UK government is desperately looking for some good news to orchestrate.  When an government official played by Kristin Thomas catches wind of this rather bizarre business idea, she immediately lends her support on this matter.  It is funny that she cares not about the salmon, but the potential political gain.  Emily Blunt plays an investment consultant while Ewan McGregor plays a subject matter expert in fishing.  It is Harriet Chatwode-Talbot versus Dr. Jones.  I chuckled at the pronunciation of the names spoken so many times with a British accent throughout the movie.  The interaction between Emily and Ewan is light and playful.  Kristin as a supporting role is quite honestly a gem to this casting.  Such good actors, they are.  I smiled and chuckled.  The story does get a bit more serious towards the end.  All in all, Salmon Fishing in the Yemen is full of humor and original ideas.  Great acting, with a witty script.  If British romance comedy is your cup of tea, this film is not to be missed.

On a more serious note, for those who are not familiar with the world map, Yemen is somewhere in the Middle East.  To create a fishing area in a desert area seems absurd.  Comparing fishing to religion also seems absurd (among many other things in the movie).  But with an open heart though, both activities require patience and faith, and a hope that something good may happen.  To think deeper, the storyteller tries to tell us that love comes from hope which requires patience and faith.  This movie transforms the simple act of fishing into something bigger, embracing lovers and a community alike.

If not for my blogger friend JoV, I would not have known that Salmon Fishing in the Yemen is originally written as a novel.  Do drop by her website and check out her book review.  She highly recommends the book.  I have this belief that when the story is good, the movie is often good too.  I have not read the book so I do not know how well this book is being adapted.  In the movie, the shifting in the relationship dynamic seems a bit abrupt to me.  I may need JoV to verify for me.  I suspect it is because the movie may not have the luxury of time in the development of a love story.  Other than that, the rest of the movie flows nicely, from beginning to end.

8 thoughts on “Salmon Fishing In The Yemen – Good Humor, With An Enlightening Spirit Within”

  1. Thanking you for linking back to my site.
    I like to read the book then watch the movie. It is not a surprise that I find books richer in character development than movies but in very rare occasions a movie may be better than the book!

    When the book is good and the movie is good as well it only serves to reinforce the goodness that I read in the book.

    1. JoV – Sure! In fact, I am so happy to have found an article at your site, and your recommendation too. It helps a lot.

      Indeed, it is rare that the movie may be better than the book. Having said that, I heard that Twilight books are quite terrible. But Twilight movie – also quite terrible – seems to be more popular and accessible. Hahaha.

  2. I would have to watch the movie to be able to verify it but with such strong casts, I have every confidence that it will be great. At least they have chosen English actors to act on a very British movie!

      1. Funny you switched to British Accent! I tend to talk in British accent by default now but occasionally an American accent will come out of nowhere… I still think the British accent is classy! lol

        1. Amelia – British accent is indeed classy. That I agree.

          Talking about accent, I think I have a mixed accent from all the languages I have exposed to. People often find it odd when they talk to me trying to pinpoint where I come from. I often mirror the accent to whom I am conversing to. Strange.

          1. I was about to say the same. I mirror the next person’s accent too.
            I remember I was doing an international project one year, so here I am presenting in English accent in Brussel and the next day I was talking in Singlish when I landed in Singapore! it’s horrible to revert to Singlish. 🙂

            People think I grew up in England and surprise when I am not, which I am not sure if it is a compliment! because the Brits at the north can’t speak clear English either.. Have you heard of Wa-er for Water and Po-eh-o for Potato and com for come? 🙂

            1. Amelia – Singlish is not too bad. Hahaha. Different countries’ people have a different accent when speaking English.

              Oh my. You would hate me if we meet face-to-face. Not only wa-er for water, but also la-er for later!

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