Ayumi Hamasaki Rock’n’Roll Circus Tour Final 7Days Special – Simply Amazing

The barrier of our imagination is often defined by our experience.  If you have not seen a Japanese concert by Ayumi Hamasaki before, it is hard to describe what you have missed.  Let me say, it is mind blowing.  Cynthia does not know her music.  But she has thoroughly enjoyed watching the music recording.  She even dug into the bonus clips of this 3 DVD collection.

I have been collecting Ayumi’s concert recording for years.  Each time I would think to myself: there is no way she can top that.  And she tops her performance time and time again.  Imagine a concert with a massive stage that extends deep into the audience, giant screens that blend the videos into the songs, a talented team of dancers in costume, band members in costume, and Ayumi in costume.  That wedding gown that extends all the way across the giant stage is jaw dropping.  Every move and every moment is meticulously choreographed, full of emotions that even if you are not a Japanese, you understand what the artists are trying to convey.  Then there is this theme of circus whereby additional talents are deployed on the stage as crowns and acrobats.  The edited concert lasted more than 3 long hours.  In between, there is even a game show hosted by Ayumi and some of her dancers so as to entertain the crowd.  There are in total 40 concerts, 7 of which werer delivered after a few month break with enhanced contents.  40 game shows were delivered with different scripts.  I have watched quite a number of concerts – live and recorded ones.  There is no production like a Japanese production.  There is no concert like a Ayumi concert.

It is inspiring, to say the least, to see how one person can look into so much details and deliver such a solid performance.  Ayumi is the one producer behind the scene.  True.  She has done it for years and that is probably why she is getting better at it year after year.  Looking at how hard she works throughout the year, she has my respect for her sacrifice and effort.  While watching the concert, Cynthia said to me, “Let’s go to Japan and watch her live.”  I may take up her offer on that.

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