Corsica Is A Beautiful Island – Our Day 2 Adventure

I have contemplated long and hard if I should pick up the courage, finish up the journal today before heading for a new trip to Spain tomorrow.  It would have been odd to talk about our trip to France when we have already moved onto our next destination.  So I put aside some time today, in the mist of our last minute planning and preparation.  Besides, I have always wanted this post to be featured on top of this website while we are away because unlike some of our previous holidays, I do not plan to release any new materials in our absence.  I hope you enjoy reading this final piece of the journal.

To read more on our adventure to this French island, Corsica, here are the options.

4 thoughts on “Corsica Is A Beautiful Island – Our Day 2 Adventure”

  1. Hey Wilfrid, as always you lead such a perfect life! I like the way you blog about your travels with equal mix of photos and journalistic entries that are painstakingly put together. The Mediterranean seems to hold a huge draw for you as I can see…. Do continue to keep us posted on your adventures so that we can live vicariously through those updates!

    1. Walter – And so as yours! Thanks for your comments. We do seem to like that region quite a bit … hehehe. I think after a few times of visiting there, we more or less know what best to do.

      Sure thing. I am just back from Spain. Hope to crank up some photo / journalistic entries soon!

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