Corsica Is A Beautiful Island – Our Day 1 Adventure

I must be amongst the laziest people in the world.  It would be embarrassing if I am unable to publish a complete set of journal for our trip to France last year before we head to Spain later this year.  Corsica is a beautiful island.  We saved the best for the last.  Looking back, we would love to spend more time in Corsica and experience the nature and the local dishes.

This entry documents the first day of our visit, to the birthplace of Napoleon.  As I have mentioned before, it is tedious to write a journal.  But it is rewarding to look at the end product.  Because there is only that much a picture can say.  Let’s hope that I will not take too long to publish the final entry, which is going to be one of the meatiest in this collection.

To read more on our adventure to this French island, Corsica, here are the options.

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