David Archuleta, And The N8 Launch Event By SingTel And Nokia

Looking back, I think it was the little disagreements that glued Cynthia and I to American Idol.  Cynthia supported Elliott Yamin and I, Katharine McPhee.  We would debate for days that (a) I was not staring at McPhee’s boobs and mesmerized by her look and (b) I thought McPhee really sang well and sang really well.  But who would have thought that Hicks would beat those two?  Have you checked out the latest Christmas album by McPhee?  Even Cynthia agreed with me that she has a good voice, finally.  Season 6, I supported Jordin Sparks and Cynthia, Blake Lewis.  It was a dull season.  Nevertheless, you know how that season turned out.  In the following season, we have David versus David.  I think Cook rocked and Cynthia was in love with Archuleta.  Again, it was my shoulder that Cynthia cried on.  And then something happened in season 8.  Both of us supported Adam Lambert wholeheartedly.  And our hearts were shattered into millions of pieces.  Really?  The idol of the idol did not win?  We have boycotted American Idol since then.  The morale of the story?  I think I have a better chance to pick a better singer than Cynthia.


OK.  Jokes aside.  One fine day, a media invite arrived at my mailbox.  It was on a Sunday.  Normally I would think twice because of this work-blog-life balance of mine.  Weekend is a time to do something very personal, may or may not be blog-able.  Before I hit that tentative reply button to that media invite, Cynthia exclaimed, “Can I come?!” and I went, “Erm … your were in love with Archie like 2 years ago.  Are you still a fan?”  I guess her undying love to Archuleta is as strong as mine to McPhee.

The event was organized by SingTel and Nokia for the launch of the Nokia N8 mobile phone.  Our hosts were Muttons (hilarious Singapore DJs) and David Archuleta was there to sing us 5 songs in an acoustic setting.  He does have a great voice, especially on stage.  Cynthia was in high spirit and so were the ecstatic fans in Zouk.  His new album “The Other Side Of Down” was released very recently and the fans already know all the lyrics!

We had Japanese food near Zouk and made it home in time for the final race of F1.  What an eventful weekend.  Here are a few photos to share.

8 thoughts on “David Archuleta, And The N8 Launch Event By SingTel And Nokia”

  1. Hi Wilfrid!
    This is the first time I visit your blog, and I like it. Good Articles!
    On the American Idol, I love Cynthia’s choices, I supported the same ones, except for Blake Lewis and I was with you on Cook 🙂 I would not have imagined that she’d choose Archuleta over Cook, though. (You may tell her I said that, LOL!)
    Anyway, I just want to let you know that I like your blog and have it bookmarked on my browser 🙂
    My warm regards to Cynthia!

    1. Raina, woot ??? You’re my friend, how could you *not* support my decision to side Archuleta? Hehehe… Archie is a great singer, so are Adam Lambert and Elliot Yamin.

      As for Blake, well, I prefer her to Jordin, but I’m not a fan.

      Anyway, back to Archie, when he does his improv, my heart melts..

      1. Hihihi… probably because Archuleta is just a too-cute-boy for me 🙂
        But still, to meet him in person and listen to his voice… awesome!

        I agree with you on preferring Blake over Jordin. And McPhee… come on Wilfrid… I know that she’s pretty :P, Hahaha!
        For me, no one beats Adam, Elliot and Melinda.

        1. Reina – Well, I must say, of all the Idol contestants, McPhee possesses certain quality that others don’t have. And no no no no no, that was not entirely why I supposed her. Ha ha ha.

          OK. I think all three of us are on the same page with Adam, which is good 🙂 I still cannot believe that he did not win. Just … no way.

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