Titled Nightmares – A Doodle

If you are amongst the rare ones who follow my doodling career, you may realize that this picture contains quite a fair bit of detail.  Quite possibly one of the more ambition drawings I have worked on to date.  It is titled “Nightmares”.  One early morning, before the break of dawn, before the train started to operate, in our bedroom that was dark and quiet and inviting for a few extra moments of sleep before the screaming of the alarms at seven o’clock, I felt someone was frantically grabbing me.  I woke up, could not go back to sleep.  Cynthia woke up, realized that it was a nightmare, and went back to sleep.  Hence this doodle.  With me, eye wide open and her, eye wide shut.

In the morning, I asked what happened.  Cynthia rarely dreams.  But when she dreams, she always finds herself running away from something.  This time, her dream has something to do with knives and cut wounds on the arms.  Many knives, many arms.  Hence, the right side is composed as such together with the arms inside her head.  But as you can see, the arms and knives that appeared so real to her were merely illusions to me.  Hence the abstractly looking, distorted arms and knives on the left side of the composition.  I like symmetry.  Round about the same period of time, I had my share of nightmares.  About work.  About people from work.  There are four unnamed colleagues who are especially scary.  Hence the four figures inside my head.

OK.  There is a bed with a headboard too.  In case if you wonder what it is.

2 thoughts on “Titled Nightmares – A Doodle”

    1. Mark – Good thinking!

      But, but, she is a warlock. Not a rogue!

      Anyway, congratulations to her 500 dungeon and raid emblems achievement … lol. We have got to catch up. At least I do.

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