Heartbreaker – A Quality French Romantic Comedy

If you love romantic comedy, you ought not to miss this one.  As far as the story goes, there are three categories of women in a relationship: (1) happy, (2) knowingly unhappy, and (3) unknowingly unhappy.  The main character played by Romain Duris together with his sister and his brother-in-law have made a profession out of breaking up relationships in the last category.  The method is seduction.  The only rule is that they do not break up couples in love.  Then comes a day when Team Heartbreaker is desperate for money and they are hired by the bride-to-be’s dad to break up a seemingly perfect couple.  That is when Romain Duris meets Vanessa Paradis.

I have been following some of Romain Duris’s work since the day I watched his sci-fi movie “Peut-être (1999)” in Paris, which includes the more well-known films (in this part of the world) “The Spanish Apartment (2002)” and “The Russian Doll (2005)”.  He is one versatile actor and there is a good range of emotion in “Heartbreaker” for him to shine.  As for Vanessa Paradis, most of the time she plays it cool so I cannot say much about her acting.  At the age of 37 and a mother of two, she is still stunning.  And she does not wear excessive make-up either.  Pure natural beauty.  I have been a fan of her music career.  It is my first time seeing her on big screen, which I am glad that I did.

As far as the movie goes, there are plenty of quality comedy from the beginning till the end.  And there is also a fair amount of drama.  What does quality comedy mean?  Well, you know how forgettable most comedies are?  When you walk out of the theater long after you have watched “Heartbreaker”, chances are, you would still remember some of the scenes and still have a good laugh thinking about them.  Speaking as such, I still remember some of the scenes in “Peut-être (1999)”.  Filmed largely at Monaco, which we have recently visited, that is probably another reason why we love “Heartbreaker”.

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